General NRL 2016 Round 5 - General Discussion

Which TWO games are you most looking forward to? Warriors game included.

  • Manly vs Rabbitohs

  • Titans vs Broncos

  • Storm vs Knights

  • Tigers vs Sharks

  • Cowboys vs Dragons

  • Roosters vs Warriors

  • Eels vs Panthers

  • Bulldogs vs Raiders

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Who saw that coming?
Raiders beat the Doggies, bugger me won't be able to shut Sticky up now Raiders in third place and only lost one game.

The competition this year is the closest I can remember.
I've been critical of Stuart as a coach in the past but he seems to be doing a lot better at the Raiders. It might be a case of learning from mistakes or knowing it could be hist last chance. But he seems to be developing this side a lot better than he did trying to rebuild the Sharks or Eels.

His recruitment has been a lot better than previous years. The last two years at Canberra he has recruited quite astutely compared to at the Sharks we it seemed to be a strategy of just bring in a lot of players and cycle out the old.
The power shift in the NRL is interesting, Rooster rebuilding and Sharks, Eels, Raiders and (hopefully) Warriors, coming through. Will it continue. Same as every year injuries will play a big role. Although 2/3 Warriors have handled injuries quite well so far.

Robson will be targeted by Manly. If Warriors can have a minder to help him out a bit it will go a long way to a win. Robson's attacking structures are really good. Can those structures be retained without him is the question.