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Besides the Warriors game which game are you most looking forward to?

  • Cowboys vs Roosters

  • Bulldogs vs Eels

  • Knights vs Raiders

  • Panthers vs Broncos

  • Titans vs Tigers

  • Dragons vs Rabbitohs

  • Manly vs Sharks

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I really enjoyed the Dragons/Souths game - good defence and good attack in quite poor conditions and the niggle just to keep you properly entertained, thought the Dragons deserved to win too. Didn't look good for Burgess and what was Inglis thinking at the end? Does he need to go to Specsavers if he can't read the scoreboard correctly?


Any news on Burgess's injury?
Last I heard on Fox was that he had feeling in his arms and legs and no pins and needles which apparently indicates his spinal cord is undamaged. However because he was in some pain after the incident one of the commentators thought it could be a fractured disc. So he is not going to be a cripple but he may be out of action for a while.

Rabbitoh's Coach Michael Maguire said the signs were positive when the key playmaker was put in the ambulance, but he was in a lot of pain.

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Just some stats to show how good TMM's debut was.

Ran 11 times for 99m made 25 tackles missing only 2. Scored a try and field goal. Damn impressive numbers for any half let alone for ones first NRL game.
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Guess what. We are the only team still sitting on its schnide on 0. Even the Knoughts have a point FFS. "Cappy's a good bloke, he needs a mentor... who can he turn to". Yep, thats the fucking problem.