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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Too many errors again, laments Warriors coach Andrew McFadden


Andrew McFadden said there were some good performances from his forwards against the Eels.

Warriors coach Andrew McFadden once again had to criticise his players for making too many errors in their 40-18 loss to the Eels at Mt Smart Stadium on Sunday night.

They were leading 12-0 early in the game, with the Eels barely getting a touch of the ball.

But then the mistakes started coming thick and fast from the Warriors and they ended up being convincingly beating and losing their fourth game in a row.

"There were just too many errors, it's as simple as that," McFadden lamented.

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"Offensively that put us under heaps of pressure and defensively we had individuals make errors you can't make and it was disappointing.

"It was the same as what it's been, we work so hard for our points and then give up soft points"

The main problem area for the Warriors were on the edges, but up the middle they had the upper hand over the Eels for most of the game.

"Believe it or not, I thought there were some extremely good performances, particularly in the middle of the field," McFadden said.

"I thought our forwards did a pretty good job, but again, it's the individual errors and you get found out and we've got found out in the last month.

"It's disappointing that our season has come down to this. I thought we were the better team in the first half, but we came up for an error for a try, then the scrum try and it's just not good enough at this leve. It's pretty average to be honest."

During the middle part of the season the errors weren't there from the Warriors and McFadden says he's at a loss as to why they came back.

"That's exactly right, they disappeared and we played good footy and we showed some consistency and resilience in defence," he said.

"But they've crept well into our game, obviously there are some individuals involved in that and it just hurts the team."

Warriors captain Ryan Hoffman said this game summed up their 2016 campaign.

"Today's game was a great example of our season. We showed that we can do great things, then we allow teams back into it.

"These last four weeks, we know we're a better team than that, but we work hard for our points and let in soft ones.

"We get ourselves into positions to be competitive in games, then an individual lapse that hurts the team."

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Lolohea has started 22 games at fullback between this year and last.

If he's not up to it, it's not because he's unfamiliar with it, it's cos he's not any good.

Foran might be a necessity, how bad are we going to look without Leuluai, Johnson might be injured, but he's just cashing his checks, shows what he thinks of the coach thru his performance.

Maumalo is the homeless mans vatuvei, at least vats will dot down for you. Ken is 2 tries in 18 games, and they resigned him mid season. Fuck me.
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My one serious post for todays game, the disallowed try for Nat Roache, last year when Manu did an offload to an opposition player that had been offside at the PTB who then turned and scored a try. the try was given with the argument by the referees that Manu had run 10 metres and had therefore put him on side, I argued black and blue a player that was "dead" at the PTB could not be run back on side as he had to be onside at the start of the ruck. Several members here argued it was the correct decision while my knowledge of the rules said to me it was the wrong decision. Well guess what, that's exactly what happened today, a player that was dead during the PTB was run onside by Manu who then passed the same player the ball. This year they remember the fucking rule. The Warriors suck but not as fucking much as the knob jockeys in charge of the NRL.
F@#k The Bunker.
F@#k The Refs.
They will never see us as an NRL Club.
They just see NZ , no matter if we have aussies and poms etc .
Besides playing for your country or state( to a lesser extent.)
Playing NRL is a rugby league dream.
These official mother f@#kers should be there for the love of rugby league.
Not ripping off another countries team
That's it.
F@#k The Bunker.
F@$k The Refs.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
Just got back from the game.

The rain that pissed down while we were having the members photo summed it up beautifully. At least it masked the tears :drowning:.

Probably the only game Ive watched somewhat sober all season. What I witnessed was just as depressing as it was telling.

The opening exchange that saw us go up 12 nil the team were on fire. All the stats were well and truly in our favour but what the stats wont show was the optimism the team were playing with. They were playing the plan and loving it.

Fast forward 5 minutes to Tuimoala Lolohea's error that resulted in the Issac De Gois' try and instantly the boys are heads down. Even though we were a converted try up it was as if the team knew what was coming. Dont think Ive ever seen anything quite like it. One bad result after only 15 minutes had passed and the team, mentally, were defeated. They never looked to dominate the game again from that point on.

Once De Gois got his double the panic set in. The flow and rhythm that had seen us score two fantastic team tries was replaced by indecision and mistrust. Players were no longer committing the line or hitting holes at pace. The flair gave way to fear. Fear of making a mistake, over running, over committing and being in the wrong spot. you could honestly see that fear in the players eyes. You could sense that they were directionless. When I was in the members tent at the North Stand and the players were under the sticks there was no rallying. No communication. It looked like they were just accepting their predetermined fate.

Was sad to see.

Another thing that stood out like a sore thumb was just how little Ben Matulino did. No support play, no decoys, no real purpose in his runs. The effort he put into his hit ups smacked of self preservation.

Also Shaun Johnson needs a kick up the arse. His defence is nothing short of effeminate to use a term that doesnt fall foul of the forums rules. The way he jumps back just before impact or steps to the side to avoid the impact altogether is straight bullshit. How anyone else can be expected to put their bodies on the line when your star marquee doesnt is beyond me. Such a shame to see that after all these years Princess is still a Princess.

Tui was horrible. Why was he swapped over for David Fusitua? After Cappy admitted that Fusitua was a better fullback why would he then swap him out for our 'long-term five eighth'? Just another example of Cappy over thinking the simple game.

Happy the shame of this season is finally over. Went to the members photo and pulled the bird. My subtle fuck you to the season.

Looking forward to the season review whitewash and the hardest preseason ever...
No chances of this team getting drunk on mad Monday half the team would drop there drinks and the other half will forget to show up.Thanks for another absolutely retarded year you bunch of disappointing unprofessional cu**s i hate that word but it just feels right.
Post of the year, spot on mate. Pack of mentally weak losers, Mannering do yourself a favour and go to an Aussie club, get that premiership you deserve, you will never get it with these losers
Another thing that stood out like a sore thumb was just how little Ben Matulino did. No support play, no decoys, no real purpose in his runs. The effort he put into his hit ups smacked of self preservation.

I want to highlight this. Ben is on big money, he is marquee status, a kiwi international and leader of our pack. This season he has been terrible IMO, no leadership qualities and genuinely looks disinterested out there. I honestly think it is time to part ways with Ben, for someone on so much money, he has under delivered immensely this season, and in a sense has disrespected the jersey. Trying your best and making mistakes i can understand, but simply looking bored and just going through the motions is exactly what is wrong with our club.
I don't know what was worse our first game of the season or our last, 17 errors, 7 between Manu & Tui alone.

Not much to say, I've gotta see personnel changes before I'll have any hope for next season. I've been listening to the other side of the argument but this performance has only solidified my thoughts around the squad and the coaching.
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"Believe it or not, I thought there were some extremely good performances, particularly in the middle of the field," McFadden said.
That is pure gold and has rescued the whole season for me.
Excuse me while I race away to renew my season family pass, because you know if you're not fast you're last, it's the quick and the dead, the early bird catches the worm, a rolling stone gathers no moss, a day late and a dollar short, catch me if you can I'm the gingerbread man... :rolleyes:
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Well!!! Glass half full optimism from me....
Like, we go into a new season next year with a 50% better losing record than the previous.....only losing 4 is still way easier to justify than 8....

And dont delay in making your intentions known....
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