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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Archer says decision was incorrect
Richard Becht
Mon 29th August, 05:56PM

NRL referees' boss Tony Archer says the crucial on-field try decision for Solomone Kata's touchdown right on halftime should have stood in the Vodafone Warriors' clash against Wests Tigers at Mount Smart Stadium yesterday.

The Vodafone Warriors went right across the field to the left, all the way back to the right and then to the left again - a total of 15 sets of hands involved - before Issac Luke's long pass put Kata across for what was one of the best tries ever seen. It would have given the home side a 22-12 or 24-12 lead at the break.

Referee Gerard Sutton appeared to be about to rule the try without hesitation until he was confronted by Wests Tigers players with wing Jordan Rankin claiming obstruction. Sutton then decided to send it to the bunker - as a try - but asking for it to be checked. In the bunker Luke Patten then eventually over-turned the original decision, claiming Rankin had been obstructed by Vodafone Warriors prop Sam Lisone as Tuimoala Lolohea kept the breath-taking movement alive. Archer today said the try should have stood.

It's no consolation now but one of the best legitmate tries likely to be seen was rubbed out when it should have been awarded as a fair try.

At the same time Archer supported the bunker's decision on Shaun Johnson's would-be second half try.
How many times in the last few years has Archer had to come out and say "Yep the bunker/video ref stuffed up, that was a bad call that benefited the Warriors"? Coz I can sure think of plenty going the other way.
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Couldnt bring myself to come on here last night. As much as I had tried to prepare myself mentally for this result I was still quite heart broken when it eventuated. Was pretty numb and no amount of sponsors product seemed to help. Ive been excited about this season since Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Issac Luke were confirmed. To see it all fall away yesterday was truly gutting.

Wont go on about the bunker. For the record I thought the bunker was right about the Shaun Johnson try. You cant run behind a player full stop. The inconsistencies of it are another discussion. Had we have won after Manu Vatuvei foot was clearly out on the 40/20 attempt we would have put it down to the rub of the green. It has to work both ways.

Wont even discuss the game. Im over it. Its done. Nothing will change that. After a good sleep Im good to move on.

Gotta give props to the Tigers who never quit. Yelled out Mad Monday to the Tigers while the team were under the sticks after Tuimoala Lolohea's try. David Nofoaluma turned around told me to fuck up. Aaron Woods merely looked at me and shrugged his shoulders with a look of disappointment. After the Mitchell Moses try Woods came back and shrugged his shoulders with a smile. Well played Woodsy lol. He was out there for at a half hour after the game signing autographs and taking pics. The guys a good role model for the game.

The Warriors on the other hand couldnt wait to get off the field. Felt for Thomas Leuluai who was bent over sobbing after the final whistle. Wouldnt have been easy knowing his NRL dream was over after giving so much to try turn it around. Wasnt until Manu Vatuvei came over to pick him up that he got up and left the field. Even when Ryan Hoffman and Cappy walked across to do the after match press conference they werent stopping for fans. Hoffmans face said it all. Definition of disappointment right there. Stayed in the members tent after the game and saw Cappy walking back to the sheds after the conference by himself in the dark. Wish I had a camera. Would have made a poignant picture. The loneliest man in the world right then.

Anyway. Still love my league. Still a Kiwi. Warriors are still the only team for me. End of the day its only a game.

Want to pass on my condolences to the Lemalu family after Ronati Lemalu was killed by the train tracks on the way to the game. Puts things in perspective to me. Hopefully the club can do something for him for the Eels game. Never nice when the WarriorNation lose a member...

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Ronati Lemalu RIP​

Yep that real life shit helps put the Warriors shit into perspective, I just see on facebook he was a mate of one of the guys I was in PNG with, horrible thing to happen.


I'm with you, after 4 coaches and the same results (Im including Cleary) this is so obviously the players more than the coach.

The point is, removing the coach is not going to fix this team, they have to sort the roster out. I think next year with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck back might be worse, his defence was very dodgy at the start of the year and this current team needs a strong defender at the back
Bang on, that game was lost in defence. Why keep guys who cannot tackle? I cannot understand it.
Bang on, that game was lost in defence. Why keep guys who cannot tackle? I cannot understand it.
Tackling is attitude, we all know the attitude of this team sucks, they need a clean out of players - my three are Manu, Lillyman and Matalino. I'm actually happy if Cappy stays on as we don't need another new coach but possibly have Toovey or Cleary as assistant or even two coaches, or just leave coaches as is but have a full review over cappys insane bench selections, at least get him to correct that