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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I've got us down for a win and loss in the next two games. I just don't know which game is which. I suspect we still have one terrible performance left in the side this season (I hope I'm wrong), because, well, when have the warriors not managed at least one shocker towards the end of the season in the last few rounds?

If they can not have that shocker, then they should make the eight.

The warriors are a confidence side, but once that confidence takes a hit - history suggests that mentally, they can be a bit fragile (again, hoping that's a thing of the past).
Mcfadden has nursed them through all those demoralising gp losses.

While others may accuse this point of view as glass half full blindness, it is already reality that the Warriors of this season have left the confidence team thing behind them.

I no longer see a bad loss on the horizon, they have the attitude and more importantly the eighty minute mental and physical hardness to get to the end of the season without any of this Warrior roller coaster shit. All assuming our key players stay fit
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I don't have any problems with the team this week.

I just hope we go out there and keep doing what we've been doing, without getting ahead of ourselves.

If we do all that tough stuff that it takes to win I'll be happy.


The way I see it, we can afford one loss inside the last 4 games. Assuming that loss will come against the Cowboys in Townsville...all the home games are must win, including this weekend. If we lose this then we have to beat the Cowboys, if that doesn't happen then it's likely all over, pending upsets of other sides etc.
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