General NRL 2016 Round 23 - General Discussion

Which two games are you most looking forward to?

  • Bulldogs vs Manly

  • Broncos vs Eels

  • Tigers vs Titans

  • Warriors vs Rabbitohs

  • Dragons vs Sharks

  • Knights vs Panthers

  • Roosters vs Cowboys

  • Raiders vs Storm

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Manu should watch Chris Lawrence and take notes in preparation for his move ;)

He runs harder than any of their forwards. Still a solid player.

Tigers looking pretty decent too :/
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Lol has anyone actually checked out the HayneCam? Curiosity got the better of me-what a waste of time! How is this still a thing?

lol ... you'd have to be a sycophantic Hayne stalker to spend the game watching from his personal camera.

Foxsports is such a sausagefest lol
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I'm Confident about our chances against the Tigers now I've seen the Titans take them down at home, without Tedesco it could be made a bit easier for us too.
We discuss our issues with goal kicking in was 12-10 at half time and the Titans had scored tries without kicking any conversions. They could have got that game wrapped up a lot earlier.

Good game though. For the rest of the week it will be all about Haynes 1 pointer until the hype moves to their next game.
Are you sure? The bookies have them at evens, and the Tigers are the away team. As long as we keep on winning we can sit back and watch the skin fly with those four points games alongside. If we concentrate on our own destiny we could make 6th...fair dinkum.

YEP pretty sure bro.......:D