Post Match NRL 2016 - Round 21 - Warriors vs Panthers Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Will we make the top 8?

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NRL 2016 - Round 21 - Warriors vs Panthers Post Match Discussion
New Zealand Warriors 20 vs 16 Penrith Panthers
Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

Tuimoala Lolohea 2016 1.jpg

Who was your MoM?
Did Jonathan Wright end up as a late inclusion?
Tuimoala Lolohea end up playing or was it raining?
Simon Mannering tackle his ass off as usual?
Manu Vatuvei play?
Shaun Johnson take on the line?
Thomas Leuluai overcall the ball?
Bodene Thompson make the team?
Captain Ryan Hoffman lead from the front?
How was the bench players?
Anyone go to the game? How was the atmosphere?

Dont forget to rate the players...
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This team nothing is ever easy. Always having to make things harder than they need to be.

And can someone tell McFadden that there are 17 players in the squad not 16. Stop carrying a back on the bench if you have no plan or intention on when or how to use them.

Lastly get down to the TAB and put your money on next week's Warriors game going to golden point again.
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Playing with a 3 man bench again.... Our coach is a fuckin retard!!
Lucky for him our season didn't end tonight.

As for the refs allowing 3 markers for our first drop goal. Gives yourselves an uppercut. Thanks again to bunker for changing the interpretation of the obstruction rule from our lame last week.

Thank Christ we won. I wasn't far away from needing a new tv!!!!!!
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I love me a team that has a never-say-die attitude. From Matulino's charge down to Kata's strip. Golden point losses are difficult to take, but they're so much better than a loss where the team stops trying in the last 20. Golden point wins though, there's nothing else like it :)
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Jordan G

The only difference between this week and the last few is that we won.

Our inability to turn pressure into points or close out a game is still a concern.

Small steps though. This game will do so much for the boys confidence. If the Sharks can do us a favour on Monday then the Titans game becomes even more important
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Still hate golden point, the rules cease to exist. Luckily it worked in our favour this week, Shaun Johnson scores that try because the Panthers were a mile off side meaning once he beats the first defender there is no one left, but we should have won it at the other end with a penalty.
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something needs to be done about those golden point games - the refs are reluctant to call penalties.

games that finish normal full time as a draw are usually quality games - the extra time kills a quality game with all the offsides and hacks at field goal.

I don't think the NRL will ever do away with the extra time, but surely 10mins extra time is a better option - with maybe a golden try being the only way for the game to end, still allows field goals and penalty shots but promotes footy to still be played
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Great to FINALLY be on the right side of yet another golden pointer, but the Warriors should've never been in that position

How Penrith stayed in that match I'll never know cos we dominated them everywhere but on the scoreboard

Even though we won I'm gonna put it out there & say win or no win golden point is a fucking terrible blight on the game, offsides all over the shop & all the things that would normally get pinged in regulation time are suddenly algud as the refs drop their nuts everytime :finger:

Any semblence of an actual footy game goes out the window & it just becomes a crap shoot
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im starting to think the 8 interchanges may actually limit the amount of guys you can sub on and off in terms of getting guys at least 20+ minutes of play instead of 4 guys playing less than 20 min, maybe in their heads they can get more production in terms of quality minutes out of 3 guys instead of introducing a 4th guy . i dont agree with this logic but could be something they're thinking.
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And for one of the most one eyed Panthers supporters in League Freak to be saying that.

How ironic would it be if the two extra points we got from the try instead of a penalty goal makes the difference in For and Against and us making the top 8? We would all be happy then!!!!
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And now Sky goes down with Rain fade at our place. If that had happened during Golden Point, I don't think Sky would have liked the state of their decoder when I took it back on Monday!!!!!
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