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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Did Cappy utilise the bench properly?

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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Majority of comments on here slamming Shaun Johnson & co for not chasing down Crocker. Yet all fail to see there would have been no need to chase had Hoffman, Kata or Maumalo made the simple 1 on 1 tackle prior

or if they had made that kick, or if the try had been allowed, or if the pass had been on, or if the wind was blowing another way, or if the temperature was another 2 degrees warmer.
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I just watched a you tube vid of the 2011 U20 grand final which we won in golden point. I was amazed at how many of that NQ side are now good first graders and how few of the Warriors players are good first graders now?!! Is this a problem with coaching cos it seems strange?

Jordan G

Really? Taumalolo, Morgan, Feldt, Kaufusi, Grevsmuhl are the only ones to really kick on to NRL careers so far.

Meanwhile the Warriors have had Hurrell, Sao, Feki, Paasi, Taukeiaho, Henry as regular first graders as well as Tuimavave, A Henry, Sam Lousi, Ikahihifo and Palavi having stop/start careers.

Even our 2014 GF team contained - Lisone, Lolohea, Lino, Afoa, Maumalo, Tevaga, Roache, Kata, Sipley and most of those guys could be the core of our team for years to come (touch wood)

I think the bigger issue looking at that first list is how few of them actually succeeded after we kept them.

Our NYC sides of the past have often been very overrated. They won a lot because they were bigger, stronger, faster, but individually most of them had glaring weaknesses that were overlooked because we were winning. In first grade weaknesses get exposed.
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Do you know anybody on the planet who is (apart from EW, JD and the boys told what to say)?
I don't, which makes me wonder how honest EW's opinion of him is?

I think there are plenty available, the price is the problem.
Really? That's the one thing that I don't think is the problem. It is more getting someone they want to actually want to come IMO.