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01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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NRL 2016 - Round 16 - Sharks vs Warriors Post Match Discussion
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 19 vs 18 NZ Warriors
Southern Cross Group Stadium

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Who was your MoM?
Did the team back up their performance against the Broncos and Knights?
Did Thomas Leuluai do well enough at 5/8?
Solomone Kata actually pass?
How did Ken Maumalo go?
Did Jacob Lillyman back up well from Origin?
Nathaniel Roache or Jazz Tevaga?
Captain lead from the front?
Charlie Gubb improve his tackling technique?
Shaun Johnson play better than Chad Townsend?
Bench effective?
Error rate kill us or save us?
Defence up to scratch?

Dont forget to rate the players...
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Obviously gutted with the loss. We were so close and pushed those bastards to the edge. They were saved by the bell in the first golden point half.

Was totally happy with the effort of the team. This is the benchmark of the comp and we went toe to toe with them.

Im absolutely staggered at Cappys call to bench Tuimoala Lolohea in favour of his pet Jonathan Wright. Incredulous that he would put one of our most potent strike weapons on the bench. I also believe the Tui/Blake combo is better on defence as well. I can understand David Fusitua to fullback and the way he played today that change was vindicated. But Wright. For Tui!

That missed try by Wright had me fuming. Made me hate Cappy even more.

I dont bemoan Simon Mannering's professional foul. Was actually happy the penalty try was given and Juju got to stay on the field. Without him we would have been walloped. He was a defensive beast out there.

Superb game from the team IMO. About as happy as a fan can be with a loss...
I'm not disappointed we lost - i was expecting one. I'm disappointed that we came so close, let down by our lack of a Field Goal play. I've said this many times. Know where to get tackled, who your options are etc etc.

Barba nearly won it, but then so did Blake and Shaun. But Sharks were monstering down the field and we couldn't even get to the 50.
Probably the best we've played all year. We were robbed of those two points by the fuckface coach selecting his mate Wright on the wing - a man that probably caused a minimum of an 8 - 12 point turnaround with his ineptitude.

Yes we're playing better, but all this is doing is cementing for me that the coach has no idea in the slightest with his selections and his interchange.

I should be pleased with the guts of Johnson, the defence of the team, and the continued evolution of Fusitua, but instead I'm left fuming over what SHOULD have been, were it not for an utterly mystifying selection process. Why in the FUCK couldn't Lolohea stay in the starting team and Wright be the one stinking up the bench if Cappy absolutely thought Johnson was going to break down? More importantly, why the FUCK was Johnson playing if he's that badly injured?

Cappy had several options on how to handle Johnson being hurt, but chose the absolute dumbest fucking one.

Edit: I should reiterate that this post is aimed at the Coach. I absolutely cannot fault the players - in the past two weeks they've shown more heart than I've seen in the entire post-Cleary era combined. I'm so proud of the team; my venom is strictly directed at our idiot coach.
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Mr safe Jono wright just needed to dive on the ball in the first half to take a lead in at half time.
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Fuck, I'm proud but at the same time I'm very sad, we were so close until we did some warriors shit, watching Maloneys field goal was like being shot in the foot, I legit fell to the ground!
Most played well, can't fault too much. Cappy and his selection before the game was what lost it. I hope he gets asked why
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Played the top side with a halfback on one leg...and the added handicap of a certain winger out there.

Plenty of chances to have won that....very happy with the effort. Just shit execution trying to set up a field goal as per usual.

But that loss is down to the selection of dumbo the fuckin winger and his tits for hands...and inability to dive om a dropped ball. I never want to see him play first grade again. And fuck you Cappy for selecting that fucktard.

P.s. Apparently Manu was available today but not picked as well..

P.p.s can you tell I'm a bit fucking angry??
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Ayshford just keeps impressing. Mannering was a beast again. Not good when a team with several players backing up from origin finish stronger than yo, got to wonder about our fitness levels
Shit! Gutted with the loss but we gave it a decent shot.
Could've gone either way had things gone our way
Wright should have caught that ball, I'm staggered as to how he edged out Lolohea
Laughable that of course we were the ones to concede the first penalty try-probably the right call but similar ones haven't been awarded.
Thought we should have gone for the fg on the 3rd rather than go for the try near the end of the first period of extra time.

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