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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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You boyz need to think like an alcoholic: a game at a time. We should and need to beat the Roosters. Stop. No future games until we do that. OK, you can use the past two games as a barometer. We are getting our act together. No turning corners. Straight ahead. The Roosters game. Stop.

This is the money. Every week this forum states (in many different ways) this is the defining week (for us) of the competition and the result of whatever game will make our season (or not)

Wake up and smell the Roses guys. Last week was a defining game, bottom of the table or not. The doomsayers wanted a thrashing, got that. Week before it was about beating the Broncos. We did that and well, Origin players or not. We are not yet a top 8 team despite what everyone thinks we are on paper.............. but there comes a time when a little bit of support might be beneficial. Maybe I'm a bit old school but isn't that what being a supporter is all about?
Geez "Dave", every issue you've highlighted points to poor man management by the coach. It will be a good test of character for the whole team, McFadden included. But so is every game and perhaps Sir Henry will help them to realise what's at stake as there is no doubt in my mind his influence has manifested of late.
I blame everyone when things are going wrong these days must be old age ,the team the coach, the people selling hotdogs.

Must admit once the game rolls around optimism sneaks in, I am looking forward to this game and I recon the boys will have done well if they win it. I thinks its gonna be tough.
Wide World of cu**s imo
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