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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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NRL 2016 Round 14 - Knights vs Warriors TEAM LIST


NZWF Official thread for the 2016 Round 14 Warriors team list and discussion...

Hunter Stadium, Newcastle
3pm, Saturday, June 11

1 Tuimoala Lolohea
2 David Fusitua
3 Blake Ayshford
4 Solomone Kata
5 Manu Vatuvei
6 Thomas Leuluai
7 Shaun Johnson
8 Jacob Lillyman
9 Issac Luke
10 Ben Matulino
11 Bodene Thompson
12 Ryan Hoffman (c)
13 Simon Mannering

14 Nathaniel Roache
15 Sam Lisone
16 Albert Vete
17 Charlie Gubb
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An unchanged Vodafone Warriors side has been named to face Newcastle for Issac Luke’s 200th career appearance in Saturday’s 14th-round NRL match at Hunter Stadium (3.00pm kick-off local time; 5.00pm NZT).

The 29-year-old Kiwi hooker will be playing his 12th game for the Vodafone Warriors after a 188-match career with South Sydney from 2007-2015.

Vodafone Warriors head coach Andrew McFadden has retained the same 17 players used in Saturday night’s 36-18 win over Brisbane, the club’s best performance of the season so far.

It’s only the second time this year that McFadden has been able to pick the same team in consecutive games, the last being for the encounters with Newcastle and the Sydney Roosters in the fourth and fifth rounds.

While the Vodafone Warriors have now improved to a five wins-seven losses record to sit just two points outside the top eight, assistant coach Andrew Webster said the challenge remained for the side to back up after success.

Hunter Stadium, Newcastle
3pm, Saturday, June 11

1 Tuimoala LOLOHEA
2 David Fusitua
4 Solomone KATA
6 Thomas LEULUAI
9 Issac LUKE
11 Bodene THOMPSON
12 Ryan HOFFMAN (c)
14 Nathaniel ROACHE
16 Albert VETE
17 Charlie GUBB
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Jordan G

Smart decision to keep with the winning team IMO. We so rarely get the luxury of an unchanged side that it would have been risky to start switching things without cause. They put in a strong performance, let's see who is capable of backing it up.
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Matulino's named to start but I'd prefer to see Vete up front again, he was a handful for the Bronco's in that first 20 minutes. Having Matulino off the bench helps not only in having a big body coming on but also with the experience he brings were not having to rely on our inexperienced props being on the field at the same time.
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Coach under siege. No way he'd experiment/tinker with a team that won. Holding on for dear life. Yep, Gavet for Gubb, Ata for Lulu, who can go to the bench, the B team, or the UK for all I care.
Wrote this on the Pick Your Team thread just moments before the team was named, don't really like quoting myself, but it's applicable to this thread as well ...

For mine it defies logic to have an "impact forward" coming off the bench simply for his defence, which in Gubbs case can be a bit hit & miss TBF, so with that in mind Gavet or Sao for Gubb for mine

McFadden will probably still pick him though cos Gubb appears to be in that Cappy Golden Circle, right in there with Hoff, Tommy & Jonno etc

Here's a few stats from NRL.COM comparing Gavet & Gubb for 2016 so far

Gubb - 9 matches, 31.4min average, 57 attacking runs, 461 mtrs gained, 55 hit ups, 149 tackles, 17 missed tackles, 1 error, 1 line breaks, 2 offloads

Gavet - 6 matches, 33min average, 51 attacking runs, 469 mtrs gained, 45 hit ups, 114 tackles, 4 missed tackles, 4 errors, 0 line breaks, 1 offload

Pretty similar stats really, what stands out for me is Gavet has played 3 less matches & taken 10 less hitups yet has slightly more meters than Gubb

Although Gubb has made 30+ more tackles he has also missed 17 (which is a lot for a prop IMO) compared to Gavet's 4 misses

Gubb just shades Gavet on errors made, line breaks & offloads

So even before checking out those stats I would've gone with Gavet over Gubb, now that I've read the stats it's sealed the deal for mine

Just to add a wee bit more, while I understand the "don't change a winning team" philosophy & even subscibe to it somewhat, I don't 100% agree with it

From my POV it would keep the majority of the squad on there toes if they knew that even off the back of a solid team performance players individual spots will still be under threat if they don't perform and or if someone in the same position is consistently out performing you

In Gubbs case, he's a bench player & not a starter ATM & I personally don't think it hurts too much to make 1 or 2 changes to the bench just to search for a little more impact, which I definitely believe Gavet offers at this stage

As I said in my previous post though, I like the team overall & apart from Gubb, I'm 100% happy with the lineup
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Warriors Orange Peeler
The only team Cappy could have chosen really. Big believer is not changing a winning team. What this team needs is stability. Only when that stability doesnt translate to consistency do you change. All about getting a rhythm going. Consistency is the key.

As for players showing form in the NSW Cup, one swallow does not make a summer. When they start playing out of their skin week in week out they might be ready to play a game with the big boys. Consistency is the key...
Agree desperate
Taken 14 rounds to really try & turn it around 8 rounds to late.
Scrambling to make sure he gets them into the playoffs.
2 of his golden children are still there
Playing in reserve grade week in week out & Playing consistenly wont do anyone any good if you have not already played first grade already as they have already got the people they require eg: Jono Wright Allwood amongst others.
I think Maumalo Wells Kolkstad should try look elsewhere for a oppurtunity
Surprised to see Nathan Ross named at center, a lot of doubt around him playing this week after suffering a calf strain against the Cows. He's been in good form these last few rounds so hopefully Ayshford's got him covered. Probably Newcastle's most glaring omission is no Akuila Uate.
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