General NRL 2016 Round 13 - General Discussion

Which two games are you most looking forward to?

  • Raiders vs Manly

  • Warriors vs Broncos

  • Cowboys vs Knights

  • Storm vs Panthers

  • Roosters vs Tigers

  • Rabbitohs vs Titans

  • Bulldogs vs Sharks

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DaneN channels his days from the Warriors, doesn't stay on the sideline and comes in field 15 meters - only to watch a cut out pass sail over his head and over the sideline
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Geez watching Friend pack into a scrum at 11 for the Tits would help give the illusion of us having a big Pack, it'd be magic to actually have a big pack again, particularly after watching JWHs return, him by himself is >any 2 Props we have, there is more than stats to being a top Prop.
How goods Barba going?! Looking like 2012 form tonight. Sharp.
And firing shotguns to celebrate his try.
I know it's sad but can't help but wonder which pc group that'll offend. Lol
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Shit that was Warrior like from the dogs, panic football when your leading and shit defence with minutes to go.

Good on the Sharks, they weren't that flash though,