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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I read somewhere Mannering commenting "down here in christchurch" (his words) on the potential for a new Christchurch based NRL side so he's traveled down with the team, I'd expect him to play as I would Wright particularly for this round.

Hoping Palavi finds a place on the bench if Mannering is confirmed to play, I was as impressed by him as I was Tevaga against the Drags.

Jonno Wright made the point about what a great spectacle it would be to see an annual fixture between the Indigenous players of Australia and a Maoris side. I'd probably prefer that to the All Stars game at the beginning of the season.
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Just saw this about Manu in today's telegraph in Sydney. Not sure if they no something we don't. Most likely shit !


Wiki, Benry and Simon did some promotional stuff at the chch wendys at lunchtime apparently, if he’s doing that the day before, probably not going to play.

Though Palavi did a solid job of playing tackle-bot-lock, with none of simons sweet offloads into the dirt, so wouldn’t rush him.

The RLW late mail also has Manu coming in to the side – he’s not injured and would probably be fired up to get back out there, but after all that drama he’s really going to have an NRL game? What if he has some errors, the panthers sledge him, the crowds groans, he’s ready for that again? Surely not.
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It would be a very bad look for the club if Manu was selected for this game and probably the next as well.
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No disrespect to Manners, but I'd like to see Palavi go again.

Can't believe there was no team meeting after the night shift 6 were naughty. Lying by omission. Not a good look.
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...and who said some of the players were late, and some were falling asleep? I thought it was Cappy, but if not him, who?
View attachment 18601 Just saw this about Manu in today's telegraph in Sydney. Not sure if they no something we don't. Most likely shit !

Probably just means Manu's down in Christchurch along with the team - not doing any promo work etc, just being amongst the team as part of his process (you'd imagine doctors, family etc have been consulted). Some Aussie saw him and went "1+1=3! Holy shit, Manu's back!"
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