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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Jordan G

Fusitua played on that side against the Bulldogs. And for 20 minutes to start the storm game

Manu was available for both games which will put any other winger on the opposite side by default.

Last game the right hand combo was Ayshford/Wright.

I would assume Fusitua was just a swap for Allwood who was just a fill in for Manu.
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Thinking about this more.. Based on Allwood being listed as 18th man I actually think this team will change quite in terms of positioning come game time. There is no value in having Allwood as 18th man as he is limited to 1 position so I actually think he will end up coming into the starting line up and Fusitua will end up as FB with Leuleuia to the bench and Cappy is just trying to keep his cards to his chest until closer to game time.
I hope so


First I've heard that there wasn't a meeting the next morning. Source please???
I think that came from JD on TV earlier this week. He said the information about drug use came from other sources. It surprised me as well.
Can someone tell me why lanes in he did some good hits on D
I'm glad he gets another shot, But it must be a toss up between him
An Sipley when looking who to develop next an give game time to
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Good team. More or less exactly what I thought... Aside from two notable exceptions - real harsh on Allwood, no way Wright should be ahead of him based on that last game. I'd persons,lot be running with Fusitua in the right and Allwood on the left. The other one I question is Lane, who I honestly thought looked so bad agains the Dragons... So slow, so cumbersome. Would have had Tof ahead of him at least. Really glad Cappy showed the balls to start Jazz - brave call.

Bodene and Mutts better bring the fire, it's the very least their teammates deserve.

I reckon starting Jazz increases his self belief, experience and combinations, but also gives Bully a chance to be at his highest revs for a shorter amount of time.

He hasn't always been an 80min hooker and he's not getting any younger and his family life is a point of finding balance before we see him at his best again.

Impact player again I think.
I think that came from JD on TV earlier this week. He said the information about drug use came from other sources. It surprised me as well.
So are we now saying that there was NO Wednesday morning meeting? If so, how did JD and Cappy find out?
My son had a meet and greet with the panthers last night. They were really good with the kids but I still had to tell them they were gunna lose!!! How many people from here are going tmrw?
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I don't get why Allwood not playing. Cappy gave him praise for the last game.

Unfortunately fans don't get to hear what goes on behind the scenes.

I hope someone in media presses Cappy for an answer ( not that we are entitled as such ) no harm in asking.

I can't think of a Warrior with so little experience playing well in every game they've played and still not getting a shot ?

Just seems odd on the face of it.

If McFadden is nurturing him carefully, fair enough, but it might be time Dad shared the keys to the family Wagon.
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Any word on Mannering playing on the weekend?

My fantasy teams are decimated with injury :(

Same bro!
Ive had Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Whare, Woods, Foran, Trbojevic, Taukeiaho, Rochow, Elijah Taylor and Hopoate with his sundays out :(

I dont think Mannering will be a late inclusion.. His face was pretty messed up. It will take time to heal so that it doesn't split like an overripe tomato again
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