General NRL 2016 Round 1 - General Discussion

What game are you most looking forward to (besides the Warriors)?

  • Eels vs Broncos

  • Manly vs Bulldogs

  • Raiders vs Panthers

  • Cowboys vs Sharks

  • Roosters vs Rabbitohs

  • Titans vs Knights

  • Storm vs Dragons

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Gee Para made that try look ugly

Very much what I am expecting from our side....versus some well drilled opponents this year.....our new combos will be telling...


Warriors Orange Peeler
Man the Broncos shape is sick. A quick play of the ball and they are all stations ready to go. Eels really need to mark up on Milf. They cant let him get to the line...


In Andy we (have to) trust
Is it me or is the game being filmed from a distance! Get more close up pictures please. Where is the tackle count and very hard to hear the refs calls


i really dislike the parramatta hype...they get more coverage and column inches than any other team but they are turd and have been for years.

I think they are massively overrated, especially their recruitment.

Gordon is a spent force,
Jennings is hugely overrated in my opinion.
Gutherson is a rookie,
Never understood the orgasms over Beau Scott.
Foran is not a halfback in my opinion...

Go the Broncos.
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