General NRL 2016 Round 1 - General Discussion

What game are you most looking forward to (besides the Warriors)?

  • Eels vs Broncos

  • Manly vs Bulldogs

  • Raiders vs Panthers

  • Cowboys vs Sharks

  • Roosters vs Rabbitohs

  • Titans vs Knights

  • Storm vs Dragons

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Tonight's game should be a cracker. New look eels side vs last year's defeated grand finalists (I still feel sorry for Ben Hunt).

Footy's back!
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No Foran is huge, was going to put a sneaky bet on the Eels but think the Broncos will do it easy now.

Fn awesome that the NRL is back on though. Have set up my weekend around the Warriors playing saturday night. Mrs is super stoked haha!
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Come on everyone even if you hate the Eels and are a closet Broncos supporter, their your number 2 side or the side you supported before the Warriors existed. We need to support those slippery Eels.

If they don't win we'll get shafted again and sent to Parramatta round 1 for our annual hiding. The NRL will want to give them a leg up, hey it's better than thinking we're crap in round 1.;)
So it's safe to assume will be getting the fox coverage over the channel 9 coverage this season then?

And hopefully Foran's hamstring is not too serious from a Kiwis perspective.

Also rumours circulating that Brad Abbey may debut for the Bulldogs tomorrow.
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I couldn't remember if the Thursday Night games were a Channel 9 game. I checked out their website and their is NRL on tonight so it looks like we are getting the Fox feed.

So this could be different. The broadcast the last 10 years ago has been pretty much the same so this could be refreshing. If not we have this forum to vent.;)
DAYUM that was good defence from PARA MAtter....

The Warriors are going to have to go up several cogs to be competitive in this comp.

SKY GO is like watching 1950's Godzillar footage....players look like animatronic movie props.....LOL Sky is shit.