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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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I think the result shows how inconsistent we are, forwards were great against the bulldogs, but awful against Manly and Melbourne. The kiwis have shown against oz and hopefully again next week it doesn't matter how good your backs are if you lose the forward battle you'll lose the game.

I'm a bit meh about this game to be honest last few years we have had our butts kicked at least once a season and bounced back before finishing 10th to 12th and it will be more of the same this year. Our forward pack is probably not in the top ten in the comp and our backs are nowhere good enough on defence to compensate.

Until this is sorted and this could be a coaching issue or that our forwards rep records make them look better than they are, we are doomed for mediocrity.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Well i made the effort. Man i knew my seats were bad, but it was like watching a different game on TV. Honestly - the game on the tv looked way, way better. It was so much worse in real life.

However i did get one thing wrong, when Ayshford was sent off i thought it was the touchie, it wasnt. the TV footage was very clear on that. The ref had run in and was standing off the field initially. Person in front of me stood up and left to go to the loo about then and broke the viewing angle, so ill claim that as my excuse.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Re the naming of Manu in the naughty players list. I have only recently moved camps from the keep him forever, to the he is to slow to still be on the wing camp, however it is important to me that you understand how bad it was for him out there. The overlaps out wide were often 3-4 players deep. He was on a total hiding to nothing.

Along with Mannering if there is one thing you can guarantee its that Manu wont go quietly into that dark night. And he didnt. He has a right to hold his head up. IMO his lack of speed is an issue but it only came up once during the game and that was when they were all camped on the Storms goal line and they got a run away, and he didnt even try to chase.

His rushing up and in wasnt great, but standing on the edge of the field and watching them run inside you wasnt going to do much either.

Seriously i have never seen the warriors so compressed for so much of a game
Awesome post mate, couldn't agree more - some of the old guys need to go, the club is just stale, the bro culture is very much real and the storm game proved that, why weren't players getting stuck into each other for such flakey efforts, heads just drop and that is it the white flag is raised and they high five the opposition and pat them on the bum while they are running rings around us.

No killer instinct, win at all costs, mongrel attitude which you see from all the champion sports people/teams worldwide, lets all just face it we have a team of bros and bums who are contempt with the odd good performance but they find it too draining to do it week in and week out, they just throw us the odd bone - well im not falling for it again, not spending another cent on these bums until we are firmly in the top 8 e.g. mathematically impossible for us to miss the 8 (it def won't be this year), buying all the jerseys, buying them for my dad and nephew, going to games in the lounge and taking clients, fuck these clowns. Watson doesn't give a rats, as long as the "keep the faith" clowns keep giving them their hard earned cash, they put a few of the losers on the phones to suck people into renewing their memberships, it's just another business venture to that rat Waton (everyone forget about Hanover Finance where him and Hotchin took millions in dividends the year before then the company collapses owing mum and dad investors millions), do you think this crook cares about the fans???? Really???

I'll still watch them this season on TV but no more getting all the boys round, having a BBQ, poker afterwards, everyone is just left in a state of depression by the end of the night. I'll just watch on the couch and change channel once the bums wave their white flag once things get too hard and the opposition doesn't roll over for them.

Ahhhhhhhhh that feels better, nothing like a good vent. I will still be on here though as you guys have great debate and raise alot of good points, thoroughly enjoy it and throwing my 2 cents in, peace :)
You raise a good point maybe there should be an Eric Watson thread. Professionalism starts from the top. Robert Kraft of the patriots. Dr buss of the lakers men who are hands on in their teams. I've never seen Watson in the sheds or solely focused on the warriors. Some see him as the saviour of the warriors. ownership set the tone for their club and if he had any balls he would override jim Doyle and personally release some of the players who haven't performed up to standard. There is no hard hand at the warriors with him in charge. New ownership is needed.

Brutal to watch but an interesting insight into our defense issues.

Not dominant enough when there are 3 in the tackle, not working together as a defensive unit and our line speed is horrible.

All this in the first 3 minutes!

This is what we should be doing!
Very interesting indeed, also I was listening to Morgan today on radio sport and he doesn't think the boys have been that bad this year on d (excluding the storm game). I just don't no where this guys coming from? Also the butcher came on and said if your a warriors supporter basically stop your moaning and back them no matter what! Now that's Maaaaad!
How good would it feel to dismantle the crap warrior defence being an ex coach!! Would be quite rewarding and liberating i would think
Very interesting indeed, also I was listening to Morgan today on radio sport and he doesn't think the boys have been that bad this year on d (excluding the storm game). I just don't no where this guys coming from? Also the butcher came on and said if your a warriors supporter basically stop your moaning and back them no matter what! Now that's Maaaaad!

Are you serious? I suppose Morgan admitting anything else would be putting himself directly in the firing line, I have never ever seen goal line defence that bad, Brandy was just in pure pure disgust, forwards doing hit ups and going untouched almost over the line haha it is just shocking.

I'd be happy if we did a Penrith and fully rebuild the club, get rid of some of the old furniture (players) and completely rebuild on players that are defence focused and work ethic is their number one attribute, then slowly implement some flair and marquee players, work on a 3-5 year plan to rid this culture once and for all, that's what it will truely take.
You have to attempt a tackle to miss it.

There's one of the biggest problems of all, you could be talking about all of them, even our best defenders who have massive numbers can miss some horrible tackles or attempts at tackles but never get a stat for them.
gRevus you said you have never seen the warriors so compressed and yet a lot of the tries were right up the guts, crikey we have no excuse at all now! you poor bastard you had to suffer live!!! only one thing worse than Aussies and that is winning ones! fuck you warriors! fuck you very much! now when is that St George game on?
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Its hard to know where to start but I reckon you gotta win the ruck and the forward battle so we need to get that right before we can lay too much blame on the backs. So dump Lillyman coz he only plays good round origin (sell him if you can), drop Sam L down to Reserve Grade coz his defensive reads aren't up to scratch and he doesn't win the tackle (but I do like the way he runs), Hoffman probably has good stats but I dont see him doing much I would keep him this week but when Simon gets back he is gone, Gubb is keen but he is often last man into the tackle without dominating and then he's late getting back into the line so leaves a hole, I would keep Gubb but put him on warning to pull his finger out. I dunno who to bring in but Gavet is a starter and there must be someone else surely?.
Luke aint doing great but has been behind a poor pack, he will get better when we start winning up front.

OK I said lets get the forwards right first but I have one exception, Ayshford gets the defensive reads right but never dominates a tackle, lets em play the ball too quick and he always comes out of the line, bring back Konni at least he got a try back for each one he let in.

At least in the old days we were fun to watch even when we lost because we smashed em (come back Hitro, Joe V, Francis etc) and chucked the ball around like nutters, even though we lost a lot. Now we have structure Or something and its not even fun to watch and we still aren't winning.

On the coach I dont think there is any point talking about replacing him, we tried that a few times already haven't we? Might make an exception if Hasler or Bennett want to tarnish their careers by coming over (bring Kasiano and Klemmer with you plz Des) but not much chance of that. I don't want Bellamy, he was at Melbourne for the salary cap scandal and in my eyes he is tarnished, but if he really begged for forgiveness I might take him. Anyone other coach would come here, lose most of the rest of this years games except for a brief few games near the end so we think we have turned a corner, start poorly next season and then I would have to write this again next year and I dont wanna do that.

I will watch again next week on telly tho, but damned if I am taking my kids down to see these clowns. Although we should see the dead cat bounce next week and we might just smash St George.
Chris Rattue: Issac Luke flop of the season
5:32 PM Wednesday Apr 27, 2016Add a comment

Issac Luke has not lived up to expectations this season. Photo / Getty
There are many things to pick on at the Warriors, and somewhere near the top is Issac Luke.

Luke is the flop of the season so far alongside flaky Shaun Johnson. If the hooker can't start playing to his reputation he will join men like Andy Platt, Feleti Mateo, Krisnan Inu and Dane Nielsen among the worst name signings in the club's troubled history.

Some of Luke's statistics don't look too bad, but they don't tell the story. He started the season looking overweight which is as bizarre as it is unforgivable. A problem for Luke is that those initial out-of-shape images - including surmising what influence this had on the squad and what it said about the state of the club - are hard to shake when the Warriors unravel as occurred in Melbourne.

From the outside, it looked like he was playing the big shot, rolling into town on his terms rather than enthusiastically showing the club what it takes to be a champion, as he was with the Rabbitohs.

I can't think of a player who has annoyed me more in 20-plus years of Warriors turmoil. A few years ago, I rated him as New Zealand's most underrated sportsman, an NRL superstar who wasn't getting his due recognition. Now he might be the most overrated. Luke has lacked consistency, energy, desperation and command.

Things have not been easy for Luke and his family, apparently. Last month, he posted pictures of their newborn baby attached to a hospital machine. He also sent related baby-signals from the field to his family. We all have sympathy for parents in those sorts of positions. But from another perspective, the club needs to take these sort of overt personal references out of play and get down to business. If Luke is distracted to a degree that he can't do his job, then give him a break to get right. Otherwise, game on. And none of this excuses his poor off-season conditioning. Luke was brought here as a leader, a game-changer.

The Warriors are in yet another crisis because they are having to find the motivation to play well from out of chaos and criticism. They can't just turn up and play strongly week to week.

And dummy half has been central to the Warriors' longstanding problems, where there has been too much experimentation and instability. It is such a key position and the No 9 solution had supposedly arrived. Think again, because Luke has been well short of his considerable best.

Here's an amazing comparison with the best in the business.

Some of Melbourne ace Cameron Smith's normally pinpoint distribution has been strangely astray but he remains the greatest league command post in the game's history.
The man is a machine and hardly ever misses a game. Since the 32-year-old Smith took over as the Melbourne hooker in 2003, he has missed only a handful of matches through injury or suspension.

He has amassed 300-plus NRL games, played in at least 20 each season, and lines up in his 80th representative game when the Kangaroos and Kiwis clash in Newcastle next week. You would struggle to find a bad game in that lot. He is invariably superb and plays 80 minutes. Melbourne, Queensland and Australia know exactly what he delivers, and have ticked to his beat.

Contrast that with the Warriors. During that same time, the Auckland side have started 20 hookers by my count, while also flirting with a couple of others off the bench. Find an easy chair, make a cup of tea, and work your way down this memory lane:

PJ Marsh, Monty Betham, Tevita Latu, Paul Dezolt, Louis Anderson, Nathan Fien, Lance Hohaia, George Gatis, Ian Henderson, Lewis Brown, Aaron Heremaia, Alehana Mara, Shaun Berrigan, Pita Godinet, Nathan Friend, Elijah Taylor, Siliva Havili, Thomas Leuluai, Issac Luke, Jazz Tevaga.

There is talent and quality in there, but far too many names. It was up to Luke - who is four years younger than Smith - to stop the rot and inspire a new era. On the evidence, he's probably not up to it.

- NZ Herald

Can't say that I disagree with this.
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The Rattue article. Well Luke's performances probably are deserving criticism.

But it does make me laugh though for two reasons. Firstly the statistics for our hookers or dummy half against compared to the Storm. A lot of teams would have a similar turnover since 2003 that was a long time ago. If you have a once in a life time player like Smith of course you are going to keep the one guy and he's also a guy who keeps himself in shape. Now a lot of the guys listed in our side are either retired or it was when we were playing a dummy half off the bench. So yeah statistics can paint the picture you want but there is more to it.

The second reason it made me laugh. I need to wind the way back machine to when I was in high school doing 6th form English and we were doing linguistics. The teacher had 3 columns of adjectives and rattled of a whole lot of BS constantly using a word from each column. He joked he sounded like a politician. Not what the hell does this have to do with everything. Well I found recently a lot of the Herald writers do the same thing especially when writing about union games. So Luke has lacked consistency, energy, desperation and command. That sounds like political talk to me; either that or Rattue had the same English teacher as I did.;)

I was hoping to see the Warriors focused on Elliott's Breakdown segments. Now with a spine of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Johnson and Luke I was envisioning it would be our attack tearing a side a new one. Now it was our defence being torn a new one. Watching it broken down like that is pretty embarrassing. It would be interesting to compare the defence inside the 20 metres zone a week ago against the Bulldogs.

Some of those shots we had 3 guys in the tackle and still didn't manage to win the ruck.:banghead:
Holly shit balls that's a bit harsh, could've levelled much of his criticism at our bitch slapped forward pack, league fans know Luke plays best when his packs going forward, most hookers do including Cam Smith.

Im not saying the criticism of Luke hasn't been justified so far this season but Chris needs to stick to rugby because it's obvious he knows fuck all about league.

Bloody NZ Herald scribes.
You're not saying our Forwards are soft cocks are you?
Well the results this year or the last few years would indicate yes. Or should my answer be inconsistent like the team. Maybe as me the same question next week where they decide to pull finger due to all of the criticism this week and rip into the Dragons.

Holly shit balls that's a bit harsh, could've levelled much of his criticism at our bitch slapped forward pack, league fans know Luke plays best when his packs going forward, most hookers do including Cam Smith.

Im not saying the criticism of Luke hasn't been justified so far this season but Chris needs to stick to rugby because it's obvious he knows fuck all about league.
Rattue usually tries to stir things up to generate hits on their site and generate content in the comments section.

The Luke signing has started off too well so far. Like you say part of that is due to not having the platform to work off. Luke can still turn things around I'm prepared to judge his contribution to the side over the long term or nearer the end of his contract. Hopefully by then he is in a lot better shape and our forward pack is going a lot better.

Hopefully Luke starts ripping into the guys and doesn't just leave it to the coach. If he wants to improve his performance he relies on the other guys. Otherwise our recruitment for 2017 needs to be focused on guys who can make his job getting us around the park easier.