Post Match NRL 2016 - Rnd 8 - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Did the Cappy bench work?

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NRL 2016 - Rnd 8 - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

Melbourne Storm 42 vs 0 zero, zip, nada New Zealand Warriors
AAMI Park, Melbourne

Manu Vatuvei 2012 1.PNG

How did Jonathan Wright go on the bench?
Was it a masterstroke from Cappy?
How was Tuimoala Lolohea at fullback?
Our starting pack play well again?
Jacob Lillyman play better off the bench?
Charlie Gubb exorcise his demons?
How were our halves? Take on the line?
Thomas Leuluai look good for the whole 80?
Ligi Sao looking fitter?
Isaac Luke still giving good service?


Dont forget to rate the players...
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Turned it off before half time. Couldn't be arsed being so let down for a full match

Same shit from the same shit players. Nothing worth watching here today
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This so called culture at the Warriors is a myth Imogen, how come kiwi born players can go to other teams and play great, and Ozzie -layers play great then come here and play like shite. In saying that look at the roosters they won a premiership under their coach and now they are running last.... So who bows what's going on, but something needs to change, I'd start with a new defence and conditioning coach.
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Turned it off before half time. Couldn't be arsed being so let down for a full match. Just came online to check how bad the score ended up !

Same shit from the same shit players. Nothing worth watching here today in what I did see
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Was a master class from a professional team that doesn't miss the finals until they're caught cheating. The Storm would've put that flogging on any bottom 8 team with that perfomance.

Luke put us on the back foot from the first penalty then it was just an 80 minute onslaught.
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Warriors Orange Peeler

The size of the Warriors hearts tonight.

Absolutely disgusted with that non-effort.

The players didnt aim up and it showed. General lack of effort on defence coupled with a poor defensive plan that had them stretched across the park.

No point doing a player run down. They were all lacking heart in areas with maybe the only exception being Bodene Thompson but even he had a couple poor reads tonight. At least he didnt stop going unlike some, or most, of the team.

And dont get me started on that stupid bench that saw us short a pack player to absorb the onslaught the Storm were dishing out straight down the middle! Said it before and I'll say it again. That was a stupid game plan.

Speechless really. We may as well not have left the country. Seriously, to concede the bye would have been a better outcome then the bullshit we were served up tonight.

Fucking gutted right now. Need a break from this team just like Simon Mannering did when he gave up the captaincy. He was over their shit and Im getting that way as well...
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To be fair the refereeing was a disgrace, but that is becoming standard with many losing teams now. At least the Roosters had the balls to fight back today, we didn't.
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I gave up after 30 minutes, so I won't say much.

What I saw in the 30mins was some pretty unfair refereeing. I don't normally use the refs as an excuse, but they just seemed so against us and not against the Storm. That's not why we lost, but if the last 50 was anything like that first 30, we weren't given a chance to begin with,

Yay, Hoodoo Dragons next!
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The best thing for the Warriors would be if Simon Mannering is out long term - it will force a rethink on how we control, police and use the ruck at the Warriors.