Post Match NRL 2016 - Rnd 4 - Warriors vs Knights Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Was Konrad Hurrell the right person for the bench?

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NRL 2016 - Rnd 4 - Warriors vs Knights Post Match Discussion


Man of the Match?
Was our defence better?
Jazz Tevaga back up his debut effort?
How was Konrad Hurrell's impact off the bench?
Which forwards impressed you?
Outside backs learnt how to tackle yet?
Did the bench have the desired effect? Did Cappy utilise them properly?
Who went where to cover for Jazz at hooker?
Anyone go to the game? How was the atmosphere?


Dont forget to rate the players...
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Do my eyes deceive me? Do we really have 2 points on the table? YUUUUSSS.

Our centers are drawing and passing, Kata actually passed the ball to Vatuvei! Forwards are running with purpose too.

Still, they let in a shit try at the end and Robson is mud. But baby steps. After all those consecutive losses I'll take it :D

How good was Gubb!
How bad was Robson though?

I think MOM has to go to Kata. Owned Gagai and had so much go forward. Still needs to learn how to pass though.
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Shaun Johnson seems to be back to his best.

Hurrell was good coming off the bench as a forward. And he can cover the back line.

Ayshford had his best game this season. His best game since 2011 really.

Cappy managed to get the team fired up after half time. I guess they do love him after all.

Hoffman wasn't happy with the performance. Shows he's the right guys for the captains job, cause it wasn't our best possible effort by a long way.

Knights. Thanks for ending our losing streak. Come again.
How bad was the Knight's D ....looking like a training run with the amount of ball the warriors were given..

"oh here's the ball again have another Go mate" good try.." here have the ball again ....
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Jordan G

That win was all on the defensive side of the ball. Once we came out and started lining them up on D in the second half the rest fell into place. They started going sideways, coughing up ball, and we just worked off the back of it instead of trying to force it.

Vete, Gubb, Tevaga were immense in the middle of the field and Kata was owning bitches out wide.

Next week is the big test for Kata up against Ferguson. Time to put those demons to bed.