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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Improved defensive effort?

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New Zealand Warriors 14 vs 21 Melbourne Storm
Mt Smart Stadium


Man of the Match?
Was our defence better?
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck get more forward ball?
Isaac Luke show more urgency?
Which forwards impressed you?
Outside backs learnt how to tackle yet?
Did the bench have the desired effect? Did Cappy utilise them properly?
Anyone go to the game? How was the atmosphere?


Dont forget to rate the players...
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Couple of handling errors early in the second half I thought. Not picking up on the refs calls earlier in the game. Weren't outplayed
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At 14-12 Bromwich drops it at the play the ball, gets stock standard penalty, go 14-14, same again a few minutes later and the get the chance to pop a FG. Nothing's changed, same bullshit reffing, same fucking injuries and same Warriors out of gas at 60mins after the best off season ever.

Fucking very close to over this shit.


Ryan Hoffman when interviewed said the Warriors have to learn to play for 80 minutes not just 70. I would say try topping the tackle count before you say that as Captain. Only 17 tackles FFS. If you were my skipper and I did more than my share of tackles I would not be impressed. For example Bodene Thompson who was injured did 52, Mannering 40, Tevega who was also injured did 33. Was Hoffman another Cappy import?


Johnson was trash, people will make excuses for him, leap to his defence, but his kicking was rubbish and he ran the ball with purpose twice in the whole game.

Before I get lumped in with the crazies and trolls, I don't think he should play reserve grade, or another position, they just need to find the magic button where he starts playing to win and not just to collect a paycheck.

Grit from the rest of the team, Hoffman was better, sheck had his best game, fine effort tevaga.

Team had no idea, no idea at all in the last 5, that's where Manu has covered for the forwards over the years, a vatuvei charge and fast play the ball is all the Warriors have to give them impetus late in a game it won't come from numbers 8-13.

Perenara was terrible, but the Warriors and storm weren't much better, scrappy encounter.
Imo the big difference was the play the ball speed, ours were slothlike slow compared to the storm, we seemed to tackle them and then just let them get up and play, while the storm players would hold us down and lie all over us giving the defense all the time in the world to get set


game on the line where don't you want your key playmaker half back? standing behind the play the ball with his hands on his hips

difference in this game was Cronk v Shaun Johnson

Cronk controlled his team and field position. Shaun Johnson just stands around with a WTF look on his face instead of taking the reins.

If Shaun Johnson had half the heart and fight that Jazz showed on his debut we would be unstoppable.
Cappy isn't a FG coach.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck showed some of his class at last.

Shaun Johnson still isn't getting set up properly by this mates... I mean do these guys want to win or not?

Robson was a Warrior out there today.

Kata can score a fucken try alright. But a fucken pass every now and again would be ok as well..

Mutts had no support runners all game.:banghead: Might as well not bother putting him on the field.

Jazz Tevaga as a third string hooker was great.

Ayshford does everything 100% better than Hurrell, except break tackles. Everything.

Special mention to Gubb. What a legend in a losing team.


Same old numb feeling after another game.

Everything has been already said before time and time again.

Onto next week....can we get to 12? Knights look average but if history has proven anything, we make the shittiest teams on paper look like premiership contenders.