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May 19, 2012


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May 19, 2012
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As in pissing down or showers?
just showers

just off the broncos site.
After a stunning injury return, Jordan Kahu is focussed on starting a slippery new right-side combination with James Roberts.

Kahu spoke to Broncos TV today after proving his fitness to play against the Warriors tonight.

Last week he tore a quad playing at left centre, and was expected to miss up to a month.

But a minor miracle has him back, and with the return of left centre Jack Reed, Kahu will assume his regular position of right wing.

Broncos' fans will get their first look at that new right-side combination with Kahu and Roberts as the Kiwi outside back takes on some Test teammates tonight.

"I played on the wing the whole of last year so I am pretty comfortable there, and I played on that right side most of the year," said Kahu today.

"So I am pretty comfortable there too.

"I am looking forward to building a combination with 'Jimmy' (Roberts) - it is going to be exciting."

Kahu said his injury had improved under performance head Jeremy Hickmans rapidly to where he knew he was a shot to play at yesterday's final training session.

"I guess a lot comes down to the staff at the Broncos - Jeremy has looked after me pretty well during the week," he said.

"I have also looked after myself and did as much as I could (with rehab) as soon as I did the injury.

"I am pretty happy to be back.

"I ran on Tuesday and I felt pretty good.

"It was a little bit sore but after the day off on Wednesday I was better for it.

"In the team run yesterday it didn't get any worse, so I put my hand up (to play)."

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Apr 30, 2012
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MUST SEE!!! video on this story

Roflmfao!!! ... Ok which one of you is it ??? ... That's gotta be a forum member ... Gold!!!

(I'm somewhat tech impotent so I don't know how to transpose that vid over here, if someone does, do it now please, it's just too good, scary accurate lol)
not sure who put it together, but definitely saw jonno jonno and facefacts views' represented in there ;)
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May 19, 2012
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Jun 21, 2012
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Jay M

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Best line for mine ... "sack the sausage sizzle guy & even sack the emblem bro" ... that's dead set gold right there man lmfao
Put in the word "fuck" for "bro" and give it Vinney Jones voice and it's me.
some of my views were there, but my most extreme view was left out so couldn't have been me...

my most extreme view "too many JAFAs in the team, and not enough players from the rest of the country" ;).

Now while the line above is tongue in cheek - there is a bit of truth in that for me. I understand there are only so many spots in the warriors and they can't sign everyone, but over the years - damn we've let a lot of talent from outside of Auckland get away! while continually keeping mediocre players on the books...


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May 19, 2012
Shot mt.wellington mt.wellington ... knew i could count on you brother :cool:

Edit: that vid should be the first thing posted in the Post Match Thread if we go down in flames tonight, it may make some think twice before acting so predictably, myself included lol
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Apr 14, 2012


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Jul 13, 2014
Gavet mentioned as one of the Bargain signings of 2016....

Someone get that man a third party sponsor deal asap....
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