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Some horrible performances out there. The Gillet try, Ryan Hoffman for no reason turns in and basically stands on his inside defenders toes and this creates the gap... basic. That to me showed where we are at, very clearly as a matter of fact. Disorganised chaos. Then you have the two poor kick chases, and us getting caught out for not having enough blokes to pack a scrum... disorganised chaos, lazy efforts on the 1%ers. The fact Jeff Robson is basically getting himself into a position to run, but Shaun Johnson is not. Disorganised chaos. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, amazing attacking player is pleading for an opportunity at something constructive. Instead he finds disorganised chaos. 10 in a row. The coach can't survive. Ta ta, open your bloody eyes Warriors, otherwise the likes of Matt Johns is right - you will ruin Roger Tuivasa-Sheck etc.
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