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01 Jan 1970 12:00
Ayshford was ok but had the ball close to the line 3 times and was stopped held up 3 times.
Konnie would have scored one or two tries there with his body strength.
How many conversions did tui miss.
Gavet, matulino, mannering, lisone, good. Bodene made a huge difference.
The Broncos will destroy us.

Did mason Lino play now cup?
No injured I think
Honestly I think the comeback will shield Cappy from some VERY harsh questions.

I don't think it can, they looked completely uncoached, shit didn't start happening till they went off the cuff. My concern is once "Hit the road Cap and don't you come back no more no more no more no more" leaves there is no one out there I want as our new coach.
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Hmm, on the bright side Johnson seems largely unaffected from his serious injury.The team actually fought back into it instead of letting the massacre continue as per the norm. Bodene was also shining light in a losing team.

You know, I was originally thinking I might keep my pitchforks in the shed after the team surprisingly fought back into the contest. But when you think how much the game started to change once Matulino and Bodene started getting into a groove after coming off the bench, and how likely it would have been a try had Konnie and been running the lines Ayshford ran, I think I'll bring them out after all.
Am I going to be the only one who thinks Luke was a tad underwhelming in his debut?

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck was relatively quiet but he wasn't in as many positions to succeed.

Thought our comeback was fueled by the quick play of Roache.

Bodene and Shaun Johnson picked up where they left off last season. The Fuck with Cappy's logic on that one.

As long as Gavet plays like he did today, Vete will draw the short straw.
Though I'm keen for Lillyman to piss off.

Manus hands went back into a time machine. Fucking cringe worthy.

I think Lolohea and Ayshford could be a formidable duo moving forward. Call me the Devils advocate.

Kata and Manu though.... wish Wells didn't blow his hammy at the nines man - have no idea who I'd bring in but those 2 need to be changed.

Attitude changed in the 2nd. Defense was good for the most part - attack as potent as expected. Need to figure ways to get Roger Tuivasa-Sheck more involved - more cohesion than anything.

I'd be surprised to see us beat the Broncs at Suncorp next week....

A tad? When he just rolled over on that fourth tackle I almost smashed the tv.
Shit this gonna b a long year , the basic errors is what worrys me and slack defense off the line, mentally we still playing like little kids or as they say lights on but no one's home shhhhitttttt

Jordan G

The comeback happened because the Tigers clocked off and started chasing points. We didn't earn the momentum, they gave it to us, and even then we gave it right back right when we should have been looking to strike.
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Some of the selections and decisions made by the coaching staff were abysmal.

Hurrell is too good to leave out of this team.
Bodene is our best back rower.
Matulino should never ever ever start from the bench.
Ben Henry should never be picked again.
Luke needs to be dumped to NSW cup to wake his fat ass up.
Gavet is perfect for bench impact with Lisone.
Vete back into the 17.
Roach and Robson to cover the 9.
Johnson and Lolohea in the halves.
Manu to the bench.
Me to the looney bin.
Why was Lolo kicking? Surely, Hurrell couldn't have hurt our defense anymore than it was. Pitiful on the edges. What was Cappy and Morgan doing all off season. My fault. I gave up drinking this month. Big mistake.
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I said in one of the threads earlier today that this is round 1 where we are usually terrible and we've got a lot of changes so this could be pretty bumpy. Bumpy.o_O That first half was like the huge down on a roller coaster that makes you feel the contents of your stomach. The second half was bumpy.

That first half was woeful. The second half got it respectable but even then that was more luck and throwing it around. The focus needs to be on WTF happened in the first half.

Have to feel for Ben Henry. Was the diagnosis after half time for knee cap and gone for the season for Ben Henry?:(

Gavet was a positive. If Vete comes in next week no way it should be for him. He provided a lot of what we have been wanting from our front rowers the last few years, aggression. Pity the others didn't follow his lead.

Bodene Thompson was another highlight considering he had no game time coming into this match.