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01 Jan 1970 12:00
Lisone ran hard and justified his selection.

Ben Henry........................................................................................................ Ben Henry. Hardest of hard luck for him..

Manu was doing some crazy offloads 5 meters out from out line.

We looked a lot better with Roach at dummy half. Just saying. Maybe Luke is still out of shape. Off to reserves for you tubby...

Shaun Johnson was pretty good.

Kata scored some more tries.

I can't be bothered running through the whole squad. I'm off to the YMCA sauna to do burpies...
Was really dissapointed with Luke. He seemed really slow and only remember 1 run from dummy half and that was in the 75th minute. What on earth he was doing at the end getting rolled on his back from dummy half on the 4th tackle is beyond me. 6 runs and 36 metres isn't good enough.

Lillymans days are numbered....surely

Our attack is once again relying solely on Shaun Johnson it seems. Robson offers nothing on attach and his defence with Kata and Manu is non existent!!

Manu....butter fingers
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What did I say about Henry?(should have put the house on it) If that's his season,they seriously have to consider letting him go.

That was very close to being the most disappointing game I have ever seen in ANY sport, I'm not even joking.
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Excellent performance. Easy win vs the Broncs next week.


On a serious note, rumour has it that if we lose the first two games of the season, Cappy is goneburgers. Tis but a spurious rumour though.
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Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
Mods let the game day chatter go a little bit longer as we still have something to say about game day. Save time n space.
Its just after the game and emotions are still running high.let it run its cause. May be give it an hour then switch.
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Honestly I think the comeback will shield Cappy from some VERY harsh questions.
If so that would be a serious mistake. He isn't going to get us where we need to be. He doesn't appear to have the ability to design and implement a game plan to suit this team. That is leading to lack of cohesion, confidence and morale. The team obviously decided to fight in the second half against a team who though they had it in the bag. They won't get that opportunity agaisnt the genuine class teams.
Ah fuck me ! Lazy defence, no runs from dummy half, no attack, just weak one on one performances that made this team look better than they were all game ...

Oh well at least my rugby team, The Chiefs won ... :(
Waiting for the typical 'wasn't the result we wanted......' dribble from the boys on social media. Time to get even more drunk.

Lisone, Gavet and Roach can hold their heads high.
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Ayshford was ok but had the ball close to the line 3 times and was stopped held up 3 times.
Konnie would have scored one or two tries there with his body strength.
How many conversions did tui miss.
Gavet, matulino, mannering, lisone, good. Bodene made a huge difference.
The Broncos will destroy us.

Did mason Lino play now cup?
Two words ... FUCK ME !!!

Cue much wailing & gnashing of teeth
Hey watch it we've already had one crazy proposition tonight. If you made that comment 20 minutes you could have been in for a hard night.;)

It's probably appropriate to quote Yoga Berra right now as for the Warriors and round 1. "It's Deja Vu all over again"
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Am I going to be the only one who thinks Luke was a tad underwhelming in his debut?

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck was relatively quiet but he wasn't in as many positions to succeed.

Thought our comeback was fueled by the quick play of Roache.

Bodene and Shaun Johnson picked up where they left off last season. The Fuck with Cappy's logic on that one.

As long as Gavet plays like he did today, Vete will draw the short straw.
Though I'm keen for Lillyman to piss off.

Manus hands went back into a time machine. Fucking cringe worthy.

I think Lolohea and Ayshford could be a formidable duo moving forward. Call me the Devils advocate.

Kata and Manu though.... wish Wells didn't blow his hammy at the nines man - have no idea who I'd bring in but those 2 need to be changed.

Attitude changed in the 2nd. Defense was good for the most part - attack as potent as expected. Need to figure ways to get Roger Tuivasa-Sheck more involved - more cohesion than anything.

I'd be surprised to see us beat the Broncs at Suncorp next week....
To be honest, can't see that much change and the even though they caught up in the second half a loss is still a loss and now its 9 losses in a row. I can still see the same problems as last year unfortunately, some poor defence, poor hands and at crucial times poor discipline. The scoreline may have saved Crappy but for me not overly impressed. Rated Thompson when he came on, thought he made a difference. :cool:
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