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01 Jan 1970 12:00
Good win. But I second Richie: What is it with Kata and just holding on to the damn ball?? Great that he gets himself into those positions but damn.......

Anyhoo good to win at a place we haven't won at since 2010.
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Honestly, a win in Cronulla, no matter how nasty is a great win.

Just wish our players could handle the basics.

Bring back the second rowers to centres era of Cleary
It's about time we won one of those games..that feeling of winning in the last second never gets the hoff that hustle to get the charge down when shauny takes on the line and runs he is absolute world class.Mom Albert and lisone what price for those two in a year or so
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I'm not usually one to blame the refs but fuck me they were appalling. So inconsistent...

Huge props to Lisone and Vete, they are absolute monsters.

Thought our back rowers were good too.

Friend has to get dropped, adds absolutely no impact from the bench. Time to see if Savilli has the goods.
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ugly .

kata is going to be a super star.

its his rookie season, the learning is strong in that one.

I'll be surprised if he makes it to 50 games at this rate. The utter moron bombed one try and JUST held on for the second. Was also one of the guys brushed off for Fifita's try. I was disgusted by his effort to be honest.

Hurrell will probably serve some serious time for that "knee" even though Tupou was ridiculously low and coming in from the side. Since he's got a broken jaw, the reactionary NRL will give him at least 4 weeks.

Friend needs to go as well. Was utterly fucking useless when he came on. First play was getting stripped while we were on attack and his pass accuracy was shocking.

Thank god for Shaun Johnson and Hoffman.

Ugly game. We won. I want to move on.
Pinched it at the last. But I'll take any win. Very lucky I thought and probably not deserved. That wasn't the first time Hurrell has led with the knee and is one more thing that he needs to learn. Hopefully a few more weeks on the sideline will help :( I thought that Shaun Johnson pretty much summed up the whole Warriors effort tonight. Awesome and below average quite often in the same set
i am a johnson dan f

i think friend has played his last game for a while. Vete and Lisone were absolute beasts tonight, was so impressed with their runs.

im worried for the beast. is there any word at all on him?

kimmorely is easily by far the worst commentator ever. every time he opens his mouth i want to punch him in the face.
Friend has to get dropped off the bench, adds absolutely no impact from the bench. Time to see if Savilli has the goods.

Havilli doesnt. i watched him today in the NSW cup he will have a great scoot or two out of dummy half but his defense is kind of lazy. he jersey grabbed a bit. if we need to hookers would rather see somone like bhana come in who to me is a good defender and could fill in the spot for 15-20 mins
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Hoffman was an absolute pro, but i could say that every week and give him man of the match.

Johnson was solid throughout the game doing his core job, then really shone when the Sharkies tired.

Wright was very good, finished his try like a winger should, saved a try which is massive, cleaned up nicely and was solid on defense...just the sort of game that we need from our outside backs far more frequently.