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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Warriors play with pride? Give it their all?

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I want to like kata- he seems like a good kid with a good attitude and a ton of potential but he's dead set lost on defence and has the blinkers on with ball in hand.
I think his confidence took a major hit after ferguson gave him that bath- hasn't been the same player since.
Needs a lot of help in the off season.


Great to hear Warriors did well despite not winning. Hopefully a rocket was put up their asses after the completion rate in the first half. Was on flight so missed second half so gonna watch that now.
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Something Smells
Daily Telegraph Newspaper was stating that all the Betting money on NSW Tab was for the Warriors.

They dropped from $10 tp $7 to win before game

You, me & my Aunty Gladys would have bet the Bulldogs to thrash these chumps on present form
against a Bulldogs top 8 team.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
Something Smells
Daily Telegraph Newspaper was stating that all the Betting money on NSW Tab was for the Warriors.

They dropped from $10 tp $7 to win before game

You, me & my Aunty Gladys would have bet the Bulldogs to thrash these chumps on present form
against a Bulldogs top 8 team.
Just lost out on my Bulldogs/Warriors halftime/fulltime bet. Was paying $26. Even the NZ TAB had the Warriors at $14 H2H just for the win at one stage which is unheard of...
Matched it with there much daunted forward pack one mistake and a forward pass gave the dogs a scrappy undeserved win.well played and unlucky observation was Lousi playing for a contract because he played his best game in the last two seasons IMO i hope the penny dropped or is falling out of his pocket that's how you play every game
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Would prefer kata on the wing until he develops his game/brain... lolohea at centre, please, don't want him in the half's I think the pressure is too much and he loses that freedom, lino could be the one to compliment Johnson.. with tommy to play a utitly role to save the body after his injury setbacks, I would far rather him part of the organization then sitting in Wigan
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I agree, the Warriors cannot be expected to defend a set after a penalty, they just can't do it

Defended plenty , gift enough possession and field position to any side in this comp and eventually they will score.
I see you still have no idea
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Glad to see the warriors played tough, played with some heart and without the mistakes and the refs - they would have had a real chance.

Some more general comments reflecting on our attacking structures in the last 8 games of the season (or so)...

Our attack is too side to side... our halves get the ball, crab a bit forward, crab a bit sideways, then pass the ball to players who are in basically the same position as them, making it very easy for the defence to slide and cut them down.

Why am I pointing this out? Because I think it has a major impact on how certain players (like Kata for example) are playing. As Defence Defence says - he often has the blinkers on, and doesn't pass to his winger... BUT, even if he passed, IMO, his winger is in a worse position because of the constant crabbing across field and angled runs to the outside by our centres. Our centres when they run, often end up 1-2 metres away from our wingers due to the way they are running at the opposition and it brings the 14th defender (the sideline) into play when they run out of space.

As mt.wellington mt.wellington mentioned in the other thread... our attack is too flat, and combined with a lack of option runners, and direct running to hold the opposition line in place before freeing the ball - our outside backs aren't getting the ball in space.

What do I want to see? More depth, more direct attack, use of the ball to players at speed, running into gaps or half-gaps... or in Kata/Hurrell/Manu's cases - 1 on 1 is fine, but they're running into 2 or 3 defenders and the opposition defences are finding it too easy to shut us down.

Next season will be (as always) a different story. Last night at least they showed something they've been missing for a few weeks.

Enjoy the finals guys - no pressure on us in them.
Not a bad game but still a piss poor outing, a lot of handling errors but the intent was there. Would have like to see konrad in the middle just cause I get off on watching him play.
As usual im saying there's always next year, only 6 months till next season kick off haha
After Johnson went down; chances are our finals aspirations went with him. The main thing I wanted to see was the team fighting to keep their season alive and to show some character and pride in their performances.

The last few weeks have been absolutely terrible. Last night was closer to the performance we needed to see; now don't get me wrong losing still sucks. Losing so close to the end of the game when we could have won hurts as well.

Too many mistakes; the first half especially and our defense was still brittle. The second half was an improvement. All year we have heard too many mistakes or when we got our act together and eliminated our mistakes our results turned. Well last night was a good lesson as we were in that game and a few key mistakes and the Bulldogs take advantage and score. This is a tight competition; unforced mistakes are costly.

Vete had some nice strong carries. Finished of a strong first season.

Lolohea two nice tries. One good individual effort and a nice play for the second. The second is what we need to see more of using Hoffmans hole running skills and as a decoy.

That was a lot better round 26 performance than we have seen the last few years when our season still had a chance in terms of making the 8.


Geez you’d have to be a pretty miserable git to put this headline out instead of this one.

NRL: Warriors end with a whimper

Instead of this one

New Zealand Warriors restore some pride in brave NRL loss to Canterbury Bulldogs

Being only the decent (or even halfway acceptable) performance since the sharks game, that’s a long 5 weeks, but it does make you more willing to think about the performances again, instead of blocking it out and never mentioning it.

RFM might be better served as a running 13 or prop, if he can add some bulk, got a little bit of young ben matulino in the way he runs, long legs, footwork, less likely to shell a pass when not handling short balls on the edge.

While I want Lolohea as long term 6, maybe they should just park that, get him to focus on playing centre and backup fullback, he is just a lot better receiving the ball than he is providing it to others.

Pity Mason Lino is unlikely to ever be much of a defender, he’s a tidy operator, as far as back up halves go looks like the warriors have stumbled into a handy one.

Bodene Thompson and his left foot step was a very good buy, remember he didn’t come aboard until November last year so hopefully they can find the backline version of him over the next 3 months.

For the departing players

Nathan Friend a good servant of the warriors during some tough years, but won’t be shedding any tears not having to watch his delivery from dummy half anymore, its pretty rough at the best of times.

Chad Townsend can hold his head up on the way out, his kicking game makes you hold your breath, but got in some good ones to keep the team in the game.

Sione Lousi had a pretty bad season for someone who’s been around for a while, played alright this time, but I don’t think anyone’s going to be regretting his release if it happens.

Similarly Sebastine Ikahihifo might be an okay interchange forward, but seems to have a rep as a fumbler and a penalty magnet, maybe he should work on abusing the refs, instead of looking confused, they seem to respect that.

Dominic Peyroux, starting NRL centre will be looked back on as a mystery for the ages, we have/had a lot of players whose best role seems to be “play in the middle of the field for 15 minutes off the interchange” where his stop-start running can be occasionally effective. Konrad should be ashamed of himself he isn’t able to beat out this bloke for a spot.
Heartening display but sums up the season in the end. In the hunt for long periods, couldn't close it out.

Comments on the rookies.

Albert Vete appears to be a monster in the making. He's still a kid and bends the line on every run. Needs to improve on defence but I have faith he can do that.

Sam Lisone hasn't kicked on as expected, needs a big off season - get the feeling he is one of the "naughty crew" - Needs big improvement to find a spot to start next season in the 17. Will get a chance possibly with Gubb's suspension but I think Charlie has gone past him for now.

Solomone Kata - Long term future? Not sure. We have had plenty of experience with try scorers at one end and turnstiles at the other. Well worth persisting with but could be a better wing option in the Matt Utai mould if he can't improve his defence.

Tuimoala Lolohea - Already one of our top 2 wingers in the squad, admirable stints in the Centres and some great performances at Fullback. If TL is fit I'd start him in the halves and have Tui out wide.

RFM - Very promising with plenty to work on defensively and prone to a dropped ball. May be himself and Lisone battling for a bench spot should Ben Henry get back to full fitness.

Ken Maumalo - Not a winger, never going to be a winger. Plenty of promise if he can find a spot in the back row.

Mason Lino - Tidy operator but question his ability to perform should he be given the role for a whole season. Defensively woeful he would need a minder or defend on the wing if he were to find a spot on my team.
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