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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Ok Tuis had a couple of games in the halves, time for him to get more ball. Without Shaun Johnson, Chad gets to make all the plays and it's obvious to other teams if they put pressure on him without the threat of him chucking the ball to Shaun Johnson he got No farking idea other than kick it dead, pass the ball to the ground, run for an invisible gap, blame everyone else. I'm imploring him to play at least NSWCup level for us until we hit Mad Monday after our last round robin game.
Townsend must know that if Shaun Johnson and T Leuluai were fit he'd struggle to make NSWarriors... But their not and he's in, so I'm over it...

Hurrell to replace Havili on the bench, probably to watch most of the game and get a 10 min stretch on the edge... Yay.. Will we see the Wrecking ball or the dropped ball from our superstar center?

No Mutts and No Manu. I guess the rest of the forward pack is going to have to do some work for a change...

Either way I'm fully psyched for another 80 mins of amateur hour...:meh:
Hoffman back. Thats promising. Big bench. The old straight up the middle smash them style. I like it. Im picking a win. Hurrel with a double.


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Most of u are bitching and whining but who do you put in there...
New guys who arnt ready for first grade.
Then u have guys who play shit and get their confidence knocked around as we all know nrl games are a lot harder mentality and physically then lower grades. I think the team is one of the strongest we can come up with at the moment.
And why take the jnrs and nsw players out of a side that is performing well just so they can throw a rookie in who the team hasn't had time to gel with.
I see it like pulling parts off your bmw to fix your mazda.
It may look a little better but it ain't going to do the same job.
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You never know......we might all be shocked and the boys actually play some footy this weekend.
Warriors 18 Shithouse Panthers 12
MOM Future Captain Sam Lisone.
wow. a true hearted warriors supporter. I like it. Not sure about the captain Lisone call though. But ya never know. Gotta admit shithouse panthers is abit harsh. Don't believe Cleary ever wanted to leave the warriors and would like to see him have abit of success bar this weekend.
You never know......we might all be shocked and the boys actually play some footy this weekend.
Warriors 18 Shithouse Panthers 12
MOM Future Captain Sam Lisone.
Some questions that need answers asap:

What does the Future Captain do on the field? Make predictions about the next play?

Why do we have an Example Captain as well as a Future Captain on the field at the same time?

and what happened to the Harsh-But-Fair Captain who used to give everyone a bollocking whenever the team turned to shit?

I reckon Sipley has the goods to be a H.B.F. Captain...
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So Lisone can stay the future captain for all I care...

I liked Sipleys call to the ref one game.

"Why don't you try reading the rule book".

That's the captains challenge I want at the Warriors right there...


Contributor late mail claiming Bodene Thompson to make a return, Konrad drops off the bench?? Hopefully not.
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