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My criticism was that he was talked up so much at the start of the year before playing a game for the Warriors. But I hadnt seen him play much before this season. He was being talked up for his huge defence and mongrel, imo that hasnt really been part of his game here. Hes an ok defender but a great attacker, hes playing Mateos role without the poor defence and offloads. Other forwards are supplying the offloads like Matulino and Mannering this year

to be honest, those people who said those things about him probably hadn't seen him play much as it isn't his game.
Always wanted to see him at 6 I suspect he may be better there than fullback at NRL level
yeah i just noticed he had a nice touch his grubber and a decent long kick. i dont think he has the power on it like Shaun Johnson but it sits back nicely once hes kicked it without going dead. i think he needs to inject himself abit more, not just as a link player but take the 5/8 roll on some possesions
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Happy with the performance - and happy seeing Gubb in first grade! But what is the point of having Havilli getting splinters on the bench?
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