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I found myself watching the Knights, particularly Carlos, more than the Warriors. Because of all the Knights missing playmakers it seemed Carlos was going to have to be the man.

I thought he looked a bit lost, I was expecting him to be out organising the backline but he seemed to be running off the 1st receivers shoulder in the first half, playing more of a support role.
In saying that, his kicking was ok and so was his defence, I thought he went ok considering the mess the Knights were dealing with in the halves. He played a hybrid half/hooker style of role
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Well i used to say i would rather the warriors play boring safe footy and win than the exciting style of play that i love. Well fuck it i was wrong. I want both. Is it possible that the warriors are having their natural exuberant style coached out of them so in a game where they should have won by 50 points, they played so safe that they could only just get a win.
They are beating the easy beats, but i want so much more from my team. Time to see how they deal with some real opposition.
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