General NRL 2009 Future Predictions


Well, the World Cup is finished and we now look foward to the '09 season. The futures odds are out for the 2009 season and here's how they stack up:

Manly- $4.00
Melbourne- $5.00
Cronulla- $10.00
Brisbane- $11.00
Warriors- $11.00
Cowboys- $12.00
Roosters- $14.00
Dragons- $15.00
Knights- $20.00
Titans- $22.00
Eels- $22.00
Bulldogs- $30.00
Raiders- $30.00
Rabbitohs- $30.00
Tigers- $30.00
Panthers- $40.00

My top 8 for next year (in no particular order)


The Warriors, will be Minor Premiers and Premiers next year! What a squad they have shaping up! :D

The big movers will be the Tigers! They have a very good back row shaping up, with the likes of Heighington and young superstar Daine Laurie! As well as english stalwart Gareth Ellis coming over! They've got Benji (who is finding his mojo again) and Farah to guide them round, and they have some exciting talent in the backs! The likes of Chris Lawrence, Dean Collis, Taniela Tuiaki, Beau Ryan and John Morris!

The Bulldogs will be big improvers as well! They came last this year, but when SBW left, they were just hanging out for a fresh start in '09! They've had problems since Sherwin left in the halves, but with Kimmorley coming they are covered! They also gain Michael Ennis for Corey Hughes, and have signed some very promising players in Josh Morris and Ben Hannant! As well as Reni Maitua and Andrew Ryan etc, the Dogs will bte again next year!
And SBW is well and truly behind them!

If the Titans can just keep injury free, they'll be top 8 material, same goes with the Cowboys, who lost there chances this year, when they had injuries to key players throughout the season!

The Dragons will get close and be there or there abouts! With Bennett coming, and Soward growing as a leader in 7, they'll definitley be pushing the 8, and I think they'll just sneak in!

Melbourne will make it, but I don't think they'll be the dominant force they have been in recent years. They won't be Minor Premiers anyway, mark my words!

Manly are the new giants of the comp. They'll be there!

The Broncos, I don't think will make it! They lost some key players in Hannant, Ennis, Carroll, Eastwood and Denan Kemp! And of course there coach Wayne Bennett. They did sign Israel Folau, but I think it's the start of a new era, and they will struggle to adapt to the first year of major changes!
Don't get me wrong, they'll be competitive, but I couldn't have them in!

The Roosters. They got the class to be there, Fitler is growing as a coach, Anasta and Pearce are a great halves pairing, but,I just couldn't fit them in!
They're my first reserves though! ;)

The Sharks will struggle without Kimmorley, a lot of there success was of his doing this year!

The Panthers, well in a year or so, they'll be there. They have one of the best batch of young players coming through, the likes of Coote, Graham and Iosefa, but they still need a year or so!

The Knights will have an off year, as they get used to no Buderus! Gidley will have to step up, if they're to be there come September '09!

The Raiders, well they were the Dark Horses last year, they've made a couple of good signings as well! They definitley have the potential again to be there, and don't write them off! (Even though I don't have them in my 8 ;))

The Rabbits. Well they'll be the same old. They'll win a few, but not enough! A bit like the Panthers, they're quite an in experienced team! Give them a year or so, with the likes of Chris Sandow, and they'll be up there!

The Eels are my pick for the wooden spoon! Daniel Anderson is the new coach, but they've made no signings and no personel changes, and they needed a change after this year! The'll do bad next year!
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You don't think the addition of Barrett to the Sharks will help them?

Don't get me wrong, he is a quality player. But the level of Super League to NRL is a vast difference!

He's in a similar situation to Stacey Jones! Coming from Super League back to NRL (although Jones has had a year off completely) it'll be interesting to see how they go!

He will definitley be an adequate replacement for Kimmorley, but no, I don't think he will get them to the 8! Let's not forget, he is a 5/8! So they're still short of a 7! Perhaps Brett Seymour will play there!?


Yeah maybe don't know how they'll figure that one. Certainly I can't see the Eels getting too far without too much or any big signings and so many losses, feel sorry for the Knights though as I like them, but they could do it tough


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i think i'll put the roosters in the same class as the eels good squad with no results to show for