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Alriiiight it's that time of year.

NNRL back for another year.

Essentially same deal as past 2 seasons. Please let me know if you're interested and let me know early. If you think you won't have the time/interest to last the whole season please do not sign up. People cutting players and leaving the comp mid-way is really annoying and can really ruin the comp for other teams.

The bidding process will take time (days) - during which you need to be active and stay up to date with the players you've managed to sign and keep bidding on more when you miss out.

For more info head over to the NNRL homepage and read how to play. It does take a little time to get your head around.

If we get a massive amount of interest we'll make 2 comps, though this hasn't been necessary in the past 2 years.

As per last year we will try to make a 14 team comp with 2 x 'bye' teams - while this deviates from the strict NRL format, it provides us with more players than there are teams, allowing for injuries, players being fired/cut etc.

Anyway I've copy and pasted the rule changes from last year below. If any of the guys who played last year have anything they'd like different then please let me know.

Specifically we have the option to include or ignore most of the changes below (new coach rule, captain scores double etc).

Summary of Changes from 2011

This season there are two options for Goalkickers in NSRL:

Club Goalkickers
The first option is a new option: 'Club Goalkickers'. Under this system competitions will no longer have individual players (eg. Jamie Soward) listed as a goalkicker. Instead teams will be able to recruit the Club as their kicker (eg. Dragons Kicker). This also means that a NSRL team that recruits a goalkicking player (eg Jamie Soward) will not be able to name him as their goalkicker and only the points scored in his capacity as a normal player will count. This option has been included so that teams cannot be disadvantaged by their Goalkicker being injured or ceasing to kick. Each team that has recruited a 'Club' goalkicker will be able to keep that kicker for the duration of the season and they receive the points associated with all goalkicks from that team each week. Club goalkickers can be cut, recruited and traded the same as any other 'player'. They also take up a place in your squad, though competitions with a Club goalkicker have their maximum squad size increased by one.

Player Goalkickers
The second option is similar to previous seasons whereby each NRL club has one player set as their Goalkicker. NSRL teams recruit that player and run the risk that they cease kicking for whatever reason and that no other goalkickers may then be available. In keeping with last year, the position details of players in the game will only be updated to/from goalkicker if it seems likely that the change would be for the remainder of the season. One kick or one game kicking will not necessarily be enough to update a player's position details. It is recommended that competitions of 10 or more teams under this system keep the goalkicker limit for their competition at 1 to give all teams a fair chance of securing a goalkicker.

Public Competitions will be available under both systems.

18th Man
This year a NSRL team can nominate an 18th player each week. That player will be brought in to their team if one of their nominated 17 players is not part of the final NRL team on game day. Position restrictions apply eg. a player who is only listed as a hooker could not replace a fullback who does not play (unless the fullback was named on the bench).


This year NSRL teams can recruit a NRL coach into their team (max 1 per team). Each week, a NSRL team that names a coach that wins in the NRL will receive the allocated number of points (default is 5 points for Public Competitions). Private Competitions can choose not to use this option by selecting 0 points. Coaches can be cut, recruited and traded the same as any other 'player'. They also take up a place in your squad, though competitions with a Club goalkicker have their maximum squad size increased by one.

This year NSRL teams can nominate a captain each week. This player receives double points for all scoring types except goalkicks. The default is on for Public Competitions and is selectable to be on or off for Private Competitions.

Other Rule Changes
- Dominant Forward criteria has been slightly tweaked, in particular calculations will now factor in missed tackles and errors to the calculation.
- The penalty for Sin-Bins has increased to -2 points.
- The default squad sizes have been increased to allow for the addition of Coaches and Club Goalkickers as detailed above.


I'm in. Actually, I'm already pre-prepared. Got my spreadsheet of round 1 bidding options all ready to go.

Do we have to use our regular team names, or can we do something fresh? C'mon, boss, Fun-Police suck!


I'm definitely interested... will check out the details and confirm asap.


Definitely do the club goal-kicking option.

I agree. Much better than the option from last year. That turned into a mess with some guys having 2 kickers and others going most of the season with none.

I'm in btw!


Thanks NU.

And yeah I thought the club GKer option had merit, would at least stop certain teams being destroyed when their GKer dies/gets dropped/fired.

As for names - call yourself what you like, just have something in there that identifies you.


Yep, I'm in.

When is the bidding process?

I like the 18th man rule.

The bidding process starts once we fill the comp (I'll let everyone know) - usually we try delay it as long as possible so everyone has a bit of time to follow the trials, get an idea of teams etc (ie don't want to recruit players who then go on to get season ending injuries in a trial). I'll give everyone a good amount of time to prepare. So, in other words, will try aim for approx 1 week prior to round 1.


Also, thoughts re recruiting a coach for additional points (can score 1-6)? Captain scoring double (this excludes kicks)? I wasn't overly keen on the captain scoring double idea...
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I like the idea of the GK coming from a team. The amount of times the sharks GK changed last year was stupid. Some other team had that issue too.

Recruiting a coach is an awesome change. Will lead to everyone having a new 2nd team.

Not sold on double points for a captain though..


Ah crap. I'm out.



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It would just make some players way too OP - imagine Benji getting double points? Even forwards like Gallen, Thaiday who regularly score +6 as well as the occasional try would be racking up massive numbers.

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