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Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
THE NEW controlling body of the NRL look set to introduce a new look for the competition's emblem, with a redesigned logo entered for copyright approval.

The new look logo, featuring a lighter colour palette and the southern cross over a green shield with golden chevrons, was entered into the IP Australia system early this week.

It is a lighter treatment than the current branding, and will mark a distinctive branding change as the competition settles into the era of the independent commission - and as it continues its search for a new CEO.

In a stunning development in early June, David Gallop has stunned the footballing world by departing his role as chief executive of the Australian Rugby League Commission. Gallop came to a 'mutual agreement' which would see him step down effective immediately.

In the interim, NRL general manager of strategy Shane Mattiske, who is leading the broadcast negotiations and development of the game, took over.

The commission said that Gallop 'understood the need for a fresh approach', despite the chief signing a four-year deal to lead the new commission.

That would now seem to be set to expand to the corporate image of the league. The application to trademark the new image was made on behalf Australian Rugby League Commission Limited on July 13.

Social media was already buzzing about the new design, with some saying the NRL treatment bore a striking resemblance to the current Cricket Australia insignia.

The new logo can be viewed HERE (could a mod please attach the image to this post - i have limited powers on work comp)

Source : SportsNewsFirst

Looks like they really want to reiterate the 'National' in NRL...


NSW Cup Player
May 15, 2012
I prefer the old one, the one in Inruins post. It has the rugby league ball and the rugby league double V while it still have the green and gold in it for the Aussie fans. The new one is to over whelmingly Australian.


Dr Faggot
Mar 30, 2012
I wouldn't read too much into it guys. Yes it looks very 'Aussie' but it's a comp that originated in Aus and the history of the game is massively fapped over. I always like to think about what NZ would do if the shoe was on the other foot. If there was a sole Aussie team in the NPC I don't think there'd be a second thought if a new 'kiwi' logo accompanied it. That's not an invitation to shit on Union, it's just a comparison.

Plus I thought you'd all be happy. When we win the premiership it'll be all the sweeter? We shouldn't take things to heart so often, most Australians are happy the Warriors are in the comp. Yes there's the odd journo/league identity fool that questions our involvement, but by and large it's positive stuff and acknowledgement of the need to grow the game in NZ. They're not trying to send a subtle message to us that we're not welcome, it's just a logo, and it is their national comp that's over a hundred years old. We've been around for 17 yrs or so, we're an after-thought. That's fine. Win a couple of premierships and develop Auckland as a league powerhouse. That will be good for the game and perhaps the next logo may have a more Australasian flavour.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
I don't mind at all if it's aussie theme'd. it is their comp after all.
IMO it just looks shit. and i don't think it's an upgrade on the current.
i agree re theme.

regarding the look, its hard to judge with the example logo being so large. it might look ok if it wasnt so massive and blurred with jagged edges


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 12, 2012
Hamilton, New Zealand
Honestly, this is just a poor design in general. It lacks the balance of the current one, which also immediately brings to mind a combative sport with it's hard lines. This piece of shit looks like a Netball comp logo or something. It's incredibly wishy washy and really, it's just a pathetic effort overall.

Strewth mates , this one looks very territorial . About as friendly as a dingo in a camping ground . Almost makes me feel unwelcome

We are unwelcome.
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