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Anyone want to go out on a date with me??

Just kidding. Anyway I need to buy a gift for my mum on mothers day but I cant really think of anything to give her.

She is one of those mums who doesnt like technology, or stuff like that. She is old fashioned, but she likes different brands of clothes (she shops at Glassons etc), but I have no idea what she would like. Nor does it look good for a guy to hang around in those types of shops alone...

I just want something for her that tells her I love her, and I really at this stage dont care about price/effort etc.
Good old fashioned flowers, choclates and a card normally work.
Haha i was thinking a card!! lol

Ima girl and im only good at shopping for meself..dam i gotta get me best mate a present for her bday soon..*starts thinking*
The best mothers day gift is not only shopping, to buy her something Mosh.
Why dont you just turn up on sunday and say to her, mum, I am going to spend the entire day with you. No technology or anything, just time with her. You do the cooking, the washing, and anything else that, in a way, says, thanks for everything you've done for me in the past, and am still doing for me.
Spending time, is more valuable than spending money mate. You're mum would know that, and appreciate it.

All the kids and moko's usually come around to our place on mothers day bro. We have a big lunch, spend time together. Thats whanau bro, thats whanau. And when 'mum' gets up to do the dishes, I say, sit down mum, have the day off,, do it tomorrow.!!!!
Get her a hanging basket and fill it with colourful flowers like pansies. Plant some in the sides so they hang down.

She'll think you're a bloody marvel.

I think you should buy her some chocolate hearts and cook her some breakfast in bed and say you love her that always works for my mum anyway
good call Trev.

If that's not possible, gift baskets are nice but instead of the usual soaps, chocolates etc put in gift vouchers from chemist, clothes shops or whatever type of shops she's interested in, along with the normal knick knacks..
Yeah baskets are good. Get your own basket and make one up coz those gift baskets you buy always have something in it that the person doesn't like. Put stuff like slippers and maybe a new book chocolates and a few other things and then do what DMM said and spend the whole day with her doing everythng for her. Brownie points big time
da mad maori said:
And when 'mum' gets up to do the dishes, I say, sit down mum, have the day off,, do it tomorrow.!!!!

Lol, you're classic!

Im going lotto tickets and scratchies this year, decorate them in some sort of nice display - im not quite sure of the details yet...but baskets are always cool. I remember my friend's mum was trying to quit smoking so she was going through heaps of packets of chewing gum, and on mothers day my friend got her a basket full of packets of chewing gum. There mustve been at least 50 packets I reckon, and her mum loved it! Basically it was her way of showing her mum she was proud of her for quitting, so I guess my whole point is that simple things can often say the most. And also, be extravagant!
im just going slippers and choccies this year. not very original i know but she has everything else!! plus its also her bday this month so ill get her something better then.
My mum gets flowers. Never knew her. She died 56 years ago.

Thats what I mean Mosh, spend time with your mum and treasure the moment.
a charm bracelet just from you. you pick the charms.

a ring, from her son.

a locket type necklace

as trev said, time with her.
Taking the menaces mum out to brunch. She can pick the place
Something that's from the heart, that shows her you put her first in times of crisis and happiness.
As long as she knows you appreciate and love her then it doesn't matter what you get!

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