General NAFE SELUINI - to leave the Warriors


Either Nafe was being too greedy or we were being too tight. Either way we have no idea until more information comes out.

The way I see it, in the long run, we could either keep Locke or Nafe - depending on whether Hohaia will go back to hooker.


That's all we offered him? An off season training contract. If I were Seluini I would've rejected that as well.

Reminds me of Brent Webb. The Broncos offered him an off season training contract but he opted for the genuine contract which we offered him. I'd say Seluini has done the same and nobody can blame him for that.

Just from that article it looks like we've undervalued him a bit.

Spot on. An off-season training contract to me says, look, we're not real sure about you yet. I don't know how much surer you could want to get on a player to be honest.

There's no security in that type of deal. Any player would take a guaranteed contract.

David Bragg_old

Perhaps Locke or the Fish are going to fight out next years full back spot with the loser playing wing and Lance sharing the hooking duties with Mara.Elijah Taylor showed several touches of class on Friday night with his ball distribution.
However I would rather be spoiled for choice in a position, look at our injury list this year, and surely a club should be doing everything possible to keep their Toyota Cup player of the year.