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The only person 'delaying' the naming of the warriors coach is RLW_Mole after he said he would reveal all on Tuesday. Since a NZ Warriors announcement has not been forthcoming he has been left to backtrack on his words... NZ Warriors have always said that an announcement will be done this week. Too many people are giving RLW Mole more credit than should be afforded to him. If you piss in the dark, there is some chance of hitting the bowl. Its a pity that some on here have latched onto any words of his as some sort of words from a deity like figure.
but he is a talking mole. a TALKING mole. honestly! A TALKING MOLE! surely, if he can talk, it can't be such a big jump to believe in him having the inside word on everything rugby league related. And don't forget moles usually live in the dark, not sure if they are used to using a bowl though?


Funny how we start thinking the mole is A person. The mole is the rumour outlet of RLW which would have many contributors. Can we name the source without getting into hot water? Nup.Give it to the mole to tweet. In saying that the mole is getting somethings right. I see he/it/they have tweeted that there is now a 17% chance its Bellamy for 2013.Lol, he knows he has an audience, probably reading these posts
A mole isn't a person o_O

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