Micheal Luck


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By Dale Budge

Former Cowboys back-rower Michael Luck looks to have sewn up a spot on the Warriors bench as the team prepares for their first match of the NRL season proper in 10 days.

Luck impressed the coaching staff in his first up effort for the club against Canberra in their trial at Albany three weeks ago and continued that form into the last two trials against North Queensland and the Bulldogs.

The tall and rangy 23-year-old bit the bullet at the end of last year - his fifth with the Cowboys - and decided to head across the Tasman to further his football career.

"I could have stayed in North Queensland and been third or fourth string and just battled away and I was pretty comfortable because I had my family up there and that," Luck told tvnz.co.nz.

"If things weren't going well on the field I had my family to fall back on but I just thought I could come over here and get out of my comfort zone and that and really have a go."

Known for his work ethic and defensive capabilities, Luck is well suited to a spot on the Warriors bench as they get ready for their first match against the Storm on March 12.

Coach Ivan Cleary has made no secret that his starting forward pack will see Ruben Wiki, Lance Hohaia and Steve Price form the front row with Awen Guttenbeil, Wairangi Koopu and Louis Anderson making up the back-row.

That leaves at least three bench spots up for grabs for the remaining forwards and Luck should surely grab one of those.

A former Junior Kangaroo, Luck is enjoying his time in the Shaky Isles.

"Yea, really good. The boys have made it really easy to settle in and become part of the team.

"They city is great, the boys are great and Ivan is a top coach."

So after arriving in October, Luck thinks he has made the right move.

"I suppose I won't know whether it is 100 percent until later in the year but so far everything has been great and I am really enjoying it."
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Remember when the Warriors signed him late last night? The comment was, Micheal who? A bit of a journeyman from the North Queensland Cowboys with a few years of first grade and at a young age. Undoubtedly signed at a bargain price accordingly given the lateness of him securing a professional contract.

Is anyone else liking what they're seeing in terms of value for dollar? He tackles all day, goes forward with no fear.... and most importantly, is developing some real ball skills. Journeyman purchases at a bargain are good value when they can start adding skills to their playset. This bloke, week in, week out adds something to his game. Be it footwork when taking the line on, or ball skills to add to his basic skills.

Credit to the Warriors recruitment team for grabbing himself, George Gatis and Grant Rovelli - combined price probably not a lot, combined value, immeasurable. Hopefully Aiden Kirk and the other bargain buys they pick up for next season can continue the trend of taking something with either a little bit of potential, or someone with desire and determination and keep adding value to the roster. Onya Micheal.


Yeah, he has been a workhorse for the Warriors this year and credit must go to him after having a rather depleted season with the Cowboys last year and coming over here and taking his chances with both hands. Has been one of the surprise players of the season I feel.


warriors4life said:
Yeah, he has been a workhorse for the Warriors this year and credit must go to him after having a rather depleted season with the Cowboys last year and coming over here and taking his chances with both hands. Has been one of the surprise players of the season I feel.


yea he is a very solid player, similar to Justin Morgan who played with us 2001-2002.


Agree with all remarks. He does his job and does it well. Impressed for sure. While we aren't buying big names; if we're getting guys like Michael, Grant and George and they do the basicas well and add something then I'm all for it


I have always rated michael luck, solid reliable never a star. forget what he costs as he is good value, having trouble spelling as I have celibrated a good win, foggy brain good weekend of kiwi sport.


when they signed him late last night???? am i stuck in a time warp :SHOCKED:

(jst joking iafeta ;))


Iafeta said:
Woops - thats supposed to mean late last year... study is mangling my brain.

i was just being a smart ass. I hated the fact we signed him, never wanted him and it's only been in the past few weeks i've realised how much work he gets through. might be our lance thompson?


I really don't think I was bashing Michael Luck. I loved the win don't get me wrong, id rather have Aussie players complement our team not dominate it


i don't like quick fixes all that much, thiugh ten years would be a long time wait I think

Samoan Souljah_old

He has really impressed me considering we didnt see much of him at the cowboys .. he has turned out to be a good player for us .. loves tackling which means he can tackle for some of the other forwards and never says no to running the ball up .. good season so far and hopefully hell improve more n more 2wards the seasons end ...


As I remember Luck always had the skill to unload the ball in the tackle which he has set up 2 great tries in the last couple of weeks.I feel their will always be Aussies play in the Warriors same as their are always Kiwis playing in other NRL clubs


A mix of aussie players is never going to hurt the Warriors. Having Price in our team will give so much to the young guys coming through.

The likes of Luck offer value for money workhorses with experience who can free up the likes of Sione to play his natural game and not just tackle all day.
The thing that impressed me about Luck this week was his aggression in the tackle and the pace he hit the line with ball in hand. Real promising.

By the way, If we didnt bring the odd aussie guy over we wouldnt have got Webb and he has been an intergral part of the team.


I CANT BELIVE YOUR ARGUEING ABOUT AUSTRALIANS PLAYING IN THE TEAM!!! you honestly think we would have won on the weekend without rovelli, price and fien! nz warriors is where the team is based and that is new zealand. We have internationals where you can see all your nz stars in one team...the warriors would honestly fall apart without aussies. and you want nz folk in the 'key' positions, the whole reason we got gatis etc is cause there are no new zealanders to fill those positions.

as for luck, gatis and rovelli they are the best players for the dollar they are on. its the 'NZ' players that are so great that need to pick their act up. Toopi is paid the same as all of those three and he is useless.

i applaud the coaching staff for their recruitment and i will have all aussies if that means winning a premiership cause they are seriously the in form players in our side.

It really just comes down to what you want, a succesful, winning team to take out a premiership, or a bunch of kiwis battling souths for the wooden spoon.

i know which one i want...


You guys need to watch some NBA.

How many players in the team are actually from that area?


And do the fans care? Not one bit.

EDIT: For example here is the Miami Heat's roster. Check the last column.


PS: Go Dwayne Wade.