General Matt Rua


Surely that would've been Lee Oudenryn, he won the fastest man in legue against Offiah back when he was at Parra.

Lot of good it did him too...

I used to love watching Mullins run though, he could tear it up...

I'm not just dropping names but Tate has amazing acceleration off the mark, I know it's different than raw pace but it's a sight to behold as Vuna could attest...

Ah. Well there goes my offering. I was going to say Martin Offiah. 'Chariots' had incredible pace.


Fastest player would have been Balmain's Darren Clarke. At one time he was the fastest white man in the world. He was signed by Alan Jones but was a failure at RL.
There were other sprinters as Peter Henderson (NZ) comes to mind as does Gary Henley Smith - a NZ sprint champ signed by Wigan. Ken Irvine as well.