Player Matt Lodge

He seemed quite well spoken during the post game interview and clearly wears his heart on his sleeve, he never drops his head instead he decides to try smash everyone harder. Honestly I can see why the Broncos considered giving him a captaincy role, if we can convince him to stay we could do worse than give him a leadership role within the team, he's exactly the type of player we need in the squad.

Addin Fonua-Blake to me looks like he's been playing with the weight of the world on his shoulders and that's not surprising given the poor bench prop impact. We 100% need at least one more prop for next season.
On one hand, he wasn't part of the future so I suppose not a huge loss. Was also prone to a brain fart or three.

On the other I liked his mongrel and the fact we finally had someone that looked to put on hits and make life uncomfortable for the opposition.

Really hope we're getting someone to replace him immediately otherwise our prop rotation is incredibly thin.
No wonder Brown played Berry and Vailea round one. He knew we were fucked this year anyway. This is too big a loss. You can't recover from this with the props we have. Addin Fonua-Blake can't do it alone. We now have to blood the Kepus, wait for Ale or turn Murchie or Harris into a prop. Piss poor planning. Why did they not have a star prop on the ready to replace him? It's as if he just left because we're losing and Broncos are on the up.
Wow, I was not expecting that. When he first signed I was against it, but now I am gutted he is leaving.

Three notes: One, seems like he won't be going to the Dolphins (if he would be playing for another NRL club this season). Two, surely we have someone coming in mid-season, otherwise our propping rotation is fucked for the rest of the year. Three, has there been some big blow up behind the scenes for him to leave the day before a game and not even have a farewell match?
Surely we are getting a huge signing? Otherwise what would be the point, we don’t need cap space unless someone on really good coin is coming in and can’t see that happening this late in the piece.

I’m pretty shocked on this one
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