General Matt Elliott Comfirms Simon Mannering As Captain

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There’s always next year.
Interesting that.. different year same old shit.. different sets of coaches have come in yet Mannering has remained in charge I wish a coach would come in take the captaincy off him to be honest.

Then we have the Captain Mannering camp saying the Kiwis have won bla bla in a row for the first time in yada yada years.. Who gives a flying fark about that.. Kiwis aren't the Warriors..

4 years of no finals footy at club level.. unbelievable. No I don't care about Farah or any other club people wanna compare Mannering to.. I'm interested in our team not other teams problems and for me Mannering is stale as our captain

We ain't gonna win fark all under his captaincy and so it's proved that way for the last 4 years.. better yet, let's just stay insane and keep pulling the same shit year in year out. Mannering captain.. yeah why not, I've gotten use to losing while he's in charge let's just keep it the same.

In bold - Bluey will testify to that statement.
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