Player Matt Allwood

Still don’t get the Allwood love- he was the definition of average and for me never wowed when he played first grade, yet some people act like he was the next superstar of the game if only he got picked

You're right in that he was average. For me it highlights how poorly the Warriors recruitment has been. How do you sign a guy from Australia on a 3 year deal who then goes on to only play 6 NRL games during that time.
Allwood is an example of why Aussie development hopefuls should steer well away from the Warriors.

For one thing you're not going to get game time.

Worse still you won't improve.

Lastly it's a stepping stone to rugby league oblivion.

I'm sure many players would love to get paid $600k over 3 years to play reserve grade.. That's a Cappy/Warriors blunder, only top talent should be signed for 3 years. Not fringe NRL players.