Rumour Match Fixing Rumours

my top 3 guesses:

1. C Money - the only reason I can think of to drop him to NSW cup :)
2. TL - only because with his cross eyes he thought he was filling in a lotto ticket :greedy:
3. the entire team is in on it. explains the wild fluctuations in form..... :shifty:

this. they want a mad monday they'll never forget
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Had high hopes for Papaili, great footwork and speed for a big unit. Understand he was below fitness earlier in the year and has worked hard to get up to fitness. Bugger.

Re match fixing, awesome, just what we need.. Young and promising? That's half our squad. Trying to think of obvious dumb shit that's happened during our games, but that's not uncommon.
Match fixing? I highly, highly doubt someone like Chad would jeopardize his career in that manner. He's not that naive... Someone like Ngani or Konnie on the other hand...
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This year yet?
No real basis but these 3 have had suprise ommisions from either the 1st grade/nsw cup Bukuya/Neilsen/Rapira. Even more left field would Locke count?
(All pure speculation)