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Ladies and Gentlemen or those that are just confused; NZWARRIORS.COM welcomes you to the announcement of our Master of Debates winner.

Firstly, I'd like to thank our prime sponsor TT Decorators (akaDMM) for contributing to the running of the event and arranging the main prize. Secondly, to our Main Technical advisor, as well as judge, Mosh and the other judges over the competition, LeagueNut, IanS, DMM, Iafeta and special guest judge; Dale Budge.

It's been a long road but we are almost there.

The final came down to a battle between two hardened campaigners in AliN and Skinner and both contestants kicked backside. Our guest judge was impressed by the standard and encourages us all to make our voices heard in a similar or like fashion to advance this great game. The outcome hinged on the best suite of ideas put forward in the most comprehensive manner and whilst the runner-up deserves special mention for a very specific plan, there can be only one.

The first ever MOD winner is - AliN! *bouquet of imaginary flowers and cheesy beauty contest music ensues*

Congratulations AliN, a top customer services representative from TT Decorators will be in touch shortly to arrange your prize of a new 2006 Warriors Home Jersey.

May the Warriors be with you all. Signing off is your over the top MC for this thread, Polar Bob.


congratulations to all.

credit must also be given to DMM for organising and running such a high quality comp.

bad luck skinz , i enjoyed your effort.
congrats to the mrs,, off to make her a celebratory cuppa. :)

actually, glad its over, was getting anoying being woken up at 4 in the morning to a pencil scraping ideas onto a bit of paper...

well done guys.


Well done Ali, a great effort. Cheers to DMM for coming up with
the prize.


da mad maori

Congrats from me also Alin. That was some awesome writing and will be certainly proud to present you with the latest Warrior jersey at the next game.[Tigers]
To Skinner, well what can I say mate. You too contributed to the debates with some awesome replies. In fact that very first debate between you and Bulldog certainly set the standard.
To the rest of the contestants, thanks for particapating. It may have been a small field, but the quality to which you' all contributed was outstanding.
To the judges, Mosh, Iafeta, IanS, you all played your part.
Huge thanks to Polar Bob who sort of "filled in" when I was away. Thanks mate.
Special mention goes to our "guest judge', Dale Budge. That was a huge buzz when he accepted to come aboard.

I am already working on the next quiz, and the title of that will be..."MEN ONLY". [chuckle-chuckle.]


holy hell, thanks!

Hey Skinner we'll share the prize aye, but I think for both of us that was not in the frame of things at the time. Thanks for being such a worthy opponent and great mate. We should have a recount and go for a draw..

But seriously this would have to be one of the best ideas I've seen on any forum, well done Trev. And thanks to all the contestants, the quality of every argument submitted was awesome. And shows the mind set and talent we have posting here.

The judges, I've no doubt my waffling may have sent some of you to sleep especially when Skinner's post was so concise and straight to the point, but all those 40 page detentions I had to write at school on how to shut up, I knew would pay off somewhere.
Congratulations to all of you, the quality you had to judge throughout this competition made things very tough I'm sure.

And to anyone...any ideas on this topic can only be consructive, I'd love to hear other people's thoughts.

Hey ladies... how good is this!!!!

Trev, you're onto a good thing here mate, long may it continue..

guten targ_old

Most enjoyable read skinner and Ali..I thoroughly enjoyed both your articles, loved the ideas put forward from you both..a most entertaining read and congrats on the victory Ali..


Complements to the writters. I thought those articles were great. I think we are all smarter for it. alittle anyway.


Congratulations to both of you, a very fitting conclusion to a high-quality competition.

Suggestion - I'd like to see all of these essays "kept" somewhere on this site, instead of gradually slipping away down the forums. It's a credit to everyone who contributed that it's all been so well received.


Really enjoyed reading some inteligent league writings from all of you. Congrats Alin on an awesome display.

Woop Woop_old

Congratulations AliN & Well Done Skinner...

I've been missing in action for a while and haven't yet caugh up on what this was all about. But I thought I better add my 2cents, and hope to catch the next one.

Great Stuff You Two!

L N_old

a prime example of the quality of posters
that we have here in its abundance

which has in turn elevated not only
our intimate circle of knowledge
but also giving joe public a sampling
of what we all hold near to our heart
and what this great game has to offer
on all facets of the game....on and off the feild

congratulations goes to everyone involved
from behind the scene, throught to the contestants
and to the eventual well deserved winner.....Alin


Prize giving last night capped off a great day in Auckland.

On behalf of all the contestants and readers on this (and a couple of others i,m aware of) forum, I,d like to thank DMM for his organisational skills in getting this going and in his generosity in supplying the very nice prize.
Cheers mate.

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