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I get Ridge's argument around the office staff or the coaching set-up. But he mentions the playing group and clearing that out like they did when they came in at the end of 2000. They could do that as they created a new company and didn't take over the playing contracts, the NRL added conditions in the players contracts to stop that happening again.

He mentions says “You have to put a broom through the place... you can’t keep little segments of the team, you have to get rid of everybody, you’ve got to start again,”. The way to do that is via recruitment but it would take a few years. I've mentioned a few times how we are usually mid table and recruit 2-4 players where bottom sides committed to rebuilding do it in larger numbers. Gould did that at the Panthers to the point it seemed like he was addicted to recruitment. That involved cycling out some of his recruits as well.

We have signed a lot of players likely to feature in first grade in 2023. So the team should look different. The same happened in 2018. The challenge if we turn things around is to sustain it. Look at the Titans they were top 8 last year and now fighting for the spoon.
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