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Manu lost me yesterday.

The Ferguson try resulted from him first handing over possession inside our half with an error. Then in the ensuing set he charges up to try and take out Berrigan, limply falls off him, the resulting numbers allowing Berrigan to feed Ferguson for the try.

I dont believe he has value as a winger anymore, he has become something of a liability. He may be of some use as an impact T-Rex but again his hands will be his downfall, as you need to be able to hold onto the pill in traffic.

We need to begin the quest for a new beast, either looking in our junior ranks or further afield. Manu's future may lie in the ESL.
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Apr 14, 2012
Here's some levity:

I wonder if his wife asked him what jacket he wanted to wear: the cream, the bone, the off-white, the white, the ivory or the beige?

wizards rage

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Apr 18, 2016
What a Clown! I have no sympathy for him at all, feel sory for his kids.
Your assuming he’s guilty as it’s before the courts still...

But these guys earn huge money and get a lot of advice and education. So much potential to be a celebrity and use his marketability post career (Dancing with the stars). Why risk that in any way.

Lesson for young guys coming through because even if he gets off, he’s been tainted now. His marketability is damaged. His dream of being a policeman appears over. The real estate career he entered last year will be gone...

Just sad.


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Apr 14, 2012
To bangbros18's "Clown" comment: He's a clown for letting himself even be accused of this stuff. Even more for it to be in court. This isn't an "Associating with a known felon" thing, where you may have quite legitimate reason - family, friend etc - for being seen with the "known felon".

I suspect this might all end up being a situation that would never have even begun if Manu had learnt to use the word NO very loudly and very emphatically.

I recall someone wrote a piece on Joseph Parker being outed that said it might actually help his boxing career (which says something about the people and standards around that sport). The piece was at least worded along that line, if not outright saying it. Maybe that's Manu's future??
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May 20, 2019
I feel I should say more then he's a Clown, but seriously this is terrible for Manu no matter what the outcome. This is a serious problem in society and is soul destroying stuff, I'm sure Manu would have no problem calling me a Clown if I was selling his daughter crack on the streets. I have totally lost all respect for him as man, I don't care what background you have this is a huge problem all around World and there should be no place for it in our communities.
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May 8, 2012
The war on drugs has cost the people of this earth so much, caused so much pain. God i wish it had never been started by a bunch of racist arseholes that wanted to stop Mexicans from getting a little relaxed after working in the fields all day.

Ever since they began this persecution, sellers have been looking for ways to skirt the law, with more and more dangerous chemicals and concoctions and the result is what we have today.

Prisons full to overflowing, addicts left to the tender mercies of the gangs and two societies (the criminal and the legal) living inside of one country, with the dumb people in the middle left to take the fall when the two overlap.


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Mar 6, 2016
I choose to remember the good times before he turned to a life of crime *allegedly. He still epitomises the Warriors in my eyes, the good and the bad. All those tries he scored that made my day over the years, all the basic mistakes he never seemed to get out of his game and no coach could ever fix.

He invented the propwing, the classic kick to Manu strategy, player power, he's the original Beast, after Kevin Iro and the guy before him. I won't shit on him for tarnishing his legacy, looked like it hurt him as much as it hurts us making that video. I'd still have him back over the one man crimewave Matt Lodge, and Manu's probably faster these days if he's guilty.


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Oct 21, 2015
I'm sure with the right legal team, he'll be able to fight and win, it'll be bloody expensive and his reputation and finances will be shot, just dumb dumb dumb. Admittedly he never came across as the sharpest tool in the shed.
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Bluecat again

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Sep 30, 2012
Sad to have it confirmed that it is Manu but it was kind of an open secret. I'm the last to hear what's happening so if I knew then 4 million other people must have known
I watched a highlights video of a fit Manu on the rampage a few weeks ago. Man he was something special. Back before it all went bad for him
He reckons he's not guilty so I hope he is really innocent. He was so much the face of the Warriors for me for a long time. And he epitomizes the Warriors. He could go from bumbling one minute to unbelievable the next and back to bumbling the next play
I have always had the impression that he is a nice guy but not a rocket scientist. If he has been part of a P ring then he is really dumb and he deserves what happens

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