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Manu lost me yesterday.

The Ferguson try resulted from him first handing over possession inside our half with an error. Then in the ensuing set he charges up to try and take out Berrigan, limply falls off him, the resulting numbers allowing Berrigan to feed Ferguson for the try.

I dont believe he has value as a winger anymore, he has become something of a liability. He may be of some use as an impact T-Rex but again his hands will be his downfall, as you need to be able to hold onto the pill in traffic.

We need to begin the quest for a new beast, either looking in our junior ranks or further afield. Manu's future may lie in the ESL.
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Mar 4, 2016
How do these guys not set them selves up comfortably after such a long career?

Some of the pasifika boys have pressure to support massive extended families. You'd hope Manu would have invested some of it in the future though...


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Apr 23, 2012
Shame about the break up


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Sep 1, 2015
Mate it was a league game at a marae. I doubt they asked him to star in a recruitment video.
I know guys who mix with that gang, from working with them not associating with the gang. They are ok guys but I wouldn't want to be photographed mixing with any of their mates. If I was famous and had a reputation to consider I definitely wouldn't want to be photographed with them. Whether at a marae, a league club or wherever. Just plain dumb IMO.

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