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Really pissed right now. Conditions were bad but we should've won that. Bad decision making at penalties and constantly kicking on the 4th.

I backed Manu before this game but he got shown up by a newbie. Time to go.

Fuck me
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Never have I been so pissed off after a Warriors game. And that says a lot. Can someone explain the logic to me of bringing Tui on in the 82nd minute?
Exactly, and after 22yrs there's been a few moments to challenge that level but I am with you.

Fucking Coach is an assistant at best, sack him. And I can't believe I'm gonna say it, but Manu is done, not even good enough to be a forward, how the hell does he get on and Tui benched for 80.

Fucking inept, stupid, stubborn short arse fuckwit Coach, sack the little prick tonight.

Fucking nearly ready to check out after 22 fucking years.
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Hoping that Brad Arthur rumor is true right about now
Somebody like Arthur could be in the wings. To be fair to Cappy though that was a good performance considering the travel. That was not the same team that turned out pre season against the Dragons. If we miss the finals it will be because because of the first half of the year.
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If we miss the finals it will be because because of the first half of the year.

No it wont it will because of manu and his salary he is not worth it


manu only ran more meters because he caught the ball way back and had no one in front of him most of the time
His hitups lacked punch compared with previous seasons, he played more like a forward than a winger. I think Lolohea should have been on the wing and Manu could have been a relieving forward. We might have got more yards up the middle.
manu only ran more meters because he caught the ball way back and had no one in front of him most of the time
No, Ken run just over 90m with nearly half of them being kick returns from the back while Manu run 118m with only 18m being from the back from kick returns (according to the stats)
Agree to a point.. the team are playing hard and proud... hats off to that.. but cappy is too stupid with his selections.. a smart Jamie soward type and big angry forward and we are spot on with the team.. hard one with the coach.. but fark.. dumb dumb team selections and bench use every week.
We were absolutely dominating them, why the hell would you change that just so you can say everyone got a go? I hate wasting a bench spot, but considering the flow of the game that's not the reason we lost at all.

Using this game to throw blame on Cappy is nonsense.

Did we win the game? Winning is all that matters does it not?.

I'm not just using this game, I'm using this game and the previous games since he has been coach.

The fact is the team hasn't made the playoffs once since McFadden has been coach,

If he wasn't gonna use Lolohea would it not have made better sense to select another forward on the bench. So yes in my view McFadden's use of the bench f**ks over again.
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Many ran for way more metres than Ken, it was our forwards that didn't make metres.

That stat is deceiving because the majority of the metres came from kick returns and teams kick to Manu more often cos they know he's a good chance of making a mistake. I'd rather see a smaller, quicker winger that has more than a good chance of scoring.

I can't think of any other NRL team that's running a winger that's over 100kgs yet we have one that's 115kgs or more and possibly one of the oldest in the comp too. When do we look to move him on or in?
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