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Wednesday 29 Aug 2007 09:13
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Huddersfield Giants have beaten several NRL and Super League clubs to the signature of New Zealand Warriors hooking star George Gatis. The 29-year-old has been a stand out player for a Warriors team that many are tipping as dark horses for the NRL title. Gatis has signed a two-year deal with the Giants and is excited to be joining for the 2008 season:

"Playing in England is something I've always dreamed of doing, I'm happy with the form I'm showing for the Warriors right now, so I felt this would be the right time to give it a go in England. I believe I've proved myself in the Australian NRL, and now I'm determined to prove myself in Super League, because that has always been a deep personal ambition of mine.

"It's a fresh and exciting challenge, and I can't wait to get over there. I did have the chance to go to other clubs, but I was impressed with the talks I had at the Giants, and I'm impressed with the quality of the squad. For example, Paul Whatuira is a class act in the Australian NRL, so for the Giants to be able to sign him for next season immediately convinced me this was a club worth joining."

Head coach Jon Sharp believes his club have again snared a top class performer in the face of high profile competition:

"He's a great signing for us and I'm delighted to have got him. George had offers from a number of top clubs, and to choose us is another indication of the growing standing in the game of Huddersfield Giants. I obviously took a very long look at him during the recruitment process and I can't wait to use him here. He's very athletic, with great attacking skills and a solid defence. He's also a very highly accomplished kicker out of dummy-half. The options he will give us are fantastic."

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The Warriors said that they would not resign Gatis because he didn't want a 2-year deal yet he has signed for two years in the ESL.


It would be a money issue. George signs for one year on lower money, proves he's worth more during that year and renegotiates. Warriors would have wanted to sign him up long term on a lower money. Good luck to him at the Giants.


yeah I think money had a big part to play in the warriors decision. they seem to have been wanting him to sign for less but he didn't want too. good luck to him at the giants.


There are no doubt a number of contributing factors for George no re-signing with the Warriors.

If he were playing with the run of form he's had in the latter part of the season back when he was in negotiations with the club, they might have made him a different offer. As it turns out, George has really kicked on since then and the situation has probably turned to his advantage in being signed by Huddersfield - good on him.

When the Warriors initially signed Gatis he was on about 60k (as was Luck). No doubt they bumped his pay up a bit this year but I'll bet it is about half of what he can earn in the UK.

I think he's also looking forward to hanging out with guys like Webby again while he's over there :)


also he is getting on a bit won't have too many years left in the game so good time to head over to england make some nice cash and then move on to other things. good point about his form too he defintly has picked it up in the second half of the year.


I hope George kills it in the ESL, i really do. I also hope he manages to lose the "Fish & chips boy" tag as he is above that nickname now.


Yes it does make one wonder but no doubt I think the money had some factors (it always does). However all the best to him and I really hope it works out.


Yet another one gets away at the peak of his form.
He is also a likeable chap with humble origins.