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Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
Since the season is about to close early for the Warriors once again, attention will be turning towards the highlight of Warriors players year - Mad Mondays!!

With that in mind how do you think the players and staff will celebrate the clusterfuck of the year thats been?

Kearney already has his costume sorted:


1st Grade Fringe
Mar 6, 2016
Few quiet Red Bulls and a chat about the process, then a bit of a snooze. Might put on some pants.

Pretty much same as Game Day...

Shout-out to Sol Kata - chin up bro, hope you come back better & stronger next year man. We all live & learn.
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Hardyman's Yugo

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 2, 2017
Lancashire, England
The head of player recruitment in costume:



Warriors 1st Grader
Mar 7, 2015
This whole season has been a Mad Monday

One big bad joke

Maybe they turn tables this year and call
it Smart Monday?

Turn up with some tangible ideas how to take this joke of a club more seriously?



Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
Maybe their mad monday was already held in bali after the perth game. Havent won a game since.

Bring back discipline and professionalism into this club. Else we will remain in the clowns tent.
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