General Mad Butcher taking heat on Facebook

What a wack job!

Sadly this is what a large number of the comments directed at anyone showing any support for SPL have been like. Not helped by a certain MMA fighter also acting like a pork chop stirring up hatred from the already slightly unhinged!!

Good to see he is not crying anymore from his Brock ass whipping.
He would of got beat even without him being juiced.
Perception is everything...

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You ever think that maybe he's had a run in with the Butch? I know I have and I dont spend as time around him as the players...
still, as a player at the club and SPL being involved with the club, it's not a great look to be posting this around on social media is it?


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The Daily Mail in the UK has reported on the Mad Butcher thing but in doing so they have also reported we had this player in 2010.

It just shows you can't believe everything you read and hear in the media :)


A 2010 photograph shows former NRL Warriors team captain Benji Marshall and Sir Peter together
Worse look when your 19th man and ambassador makes a racist comment isnt it? And he didnt post it around social media. He liked it. Huge difference...
The difference I would say is SPL had a face to face conversation with the female and co whilst she and all her sympathizers found solace in character assasination via facebook.

Actions speak louder than words

No matter who's right or wrong in the situation itself, what's being learned through all this is that the Butch might just be a right old prick.

A glorified right old prick. But still, a right old prick.
How does cautioning a group of people who are drinking alcohol that the local police are likely on patrol and they should pay care to avoid running foul of them translate to being a right old prick?
They were on Waiheke Island at a vineyard during the holiday/festive season, police love targeting certain locations and this is obviously as the local SLP warned one of them.



Only had one conversation with him, and at least one part of whats written there rings true during the chat.
I played against Bill Burgoyne. That is a very sad story. He was a good footballer and a very funny guy, except when he was talking the ref around from the middle of the scrum. The stories of him taking the mickey on Kiwi tours are legendary. All that aside I am very sorry to hear what happened to him and that there was bad blood with the Butcher.
A glorified right old prick. But still, a right old prick.
Anybody who watched his "this is your life" program would be in no doubt that he can be a prick. There were enough stories about that, he is a warts and all guy and nobody gets as wealthy as he did without taking a few prisoners along the way. I don't think that is the issue here. Can we examine the lives of the girl and her family for a bit of balance. My guess is if that happened the yawning would be immense.
Met the guy a few times through my best mate at warriors games. On the first occasion he pulled the both of us aside, gave us free jerseys and we got to meet a few of the players before the game, thanks to him. I was probably around 14-15 at the time so that meant a lot to me.

Sure he may be a bit of an abrasive character, to say the least, but his character speaks for itself and this whole thing has been blown well out of proportion thanks to a ridiculous 14 minute video of some girl crying because she was so deeply offended.


There’s always next year.
The fucking guy's name is THE MAD BUTCHER.
Are we all gonna act surprised that he lacks manners and common decency


Beat me to it. He's not called MAD for nothing.

People thinking he's a saint need to wake the fook up.

No doubt he's old and cranky having followed the Warriors for the last 20years.

We can all relate to that.
Good old Bill Shakespeare said it best (as often he did).

Friens Romans and Countrymen, lend me your ears, I have come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

The evil that men do lives on after them, the good is oft interred with the dead. So let it be with Caesar.

The Butcher is not perfect, who is. What cannot be denied is the good he has done. I don't deny the hurt of the Woman involved. He apologised. That should have been the end of it. It just shows how poisonous Social Media can be.

kiwi's 13-6

Mad Butcher most probably NOT an out an out racist just an old white working class guy who grew up to be rich and practices the old abrasive, ruff and tumble sense of humor that can sometimes work between mates who know each other well... dosnt NOT work so well in modern times on 20 somethings females who are definitely not your mates and would take it as racist!!! Ever since the incident i mentioned earlier i have been expecting this to eventually happen to the butcher were he would put his foot in it again!

Any way fuck the Butcher's ignorant misguided racist humor, Fuck the warriors racially selective recruitment tournaments for islanders when 75% plus of players in pathways are already Islanders under some misguided positive racisim belief all islander are automatically rugby league supermen when that is clearly bullcrap, Fuck DB bitter... Fuck millennials who cry racism the 1st time something slightly racist ever happened to them but dont even give up there seat to crippled pensioner on public transport!!! if we want to win we must defeat the loser within in order to win, we have to go to new positive territories...
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Behind the scenes warriors mgmt might want to tell butch to watch what he says if he wants to stay involved.

Times change, jerry and Ruben and monty etc might not mind if he's jokingly throwing around words, but the new generation of players might not care for it.

Call them soft millenials if you like, but if the next big star thinks "what's this racist old man doing here" that's not good.
"I was joking with her group about not drinking too much because there were lots of police on the island. She said that she was Tangata Whenua and could do what she liked, and I responded with a joke about it being a white man's island also"

What is racist about this?

And who the hell responds to an innocent don't drink and drive joke with a - I'M MAORI I'LL DO WHATEVER I LIKE.

The woman clearly was lookin for an argument.