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Pretty sad how this is turning out to be. I dont condone what he said, even if its in jest but the number of heroes that are plaguing his facebook page is a disgrace! Its as if people came out of the woodwork to chop him down as soon as he made the mistake. He in no doubt an eccentric, colourful character, and its great to have people like him around, especially with showing so much passion for everything he is involved in.

That said, in this age, what was said is unacceptable regardless of whether it was said or not, especially for a public figure. Not making an excuse for what he said, but i cannot fathom how he could say that with any malicious intent. He should have simply posted an apology rather on his page, because what he said was inflammatory regardless of intent. Not everyone takes jokes the same way and theres lots of sore pain points for everyone. Just hoping this dies down quickly.


He in no doubt an eccentric, colourful character, and its great to have people like him around, especially with showing so much passion for everything he is involved in.
...and wouldn't the world be a poorer place without Peter Leitch. He is arguably the most loyal Warriors supporter that has been, even when EW wasn't that keen on having him around as was once the rumour.

Apparently the idea for his knighthood came from Leighton Smith to John Key. I remember once decades back when the Butcher gave it lock stock and barrell to Leighton on his talkback show. One guy phoned in afterwards and asked if it was a jackup stunt for publicity. Leighton assured the guy that it wasn't, the Butcher was just making his feelings very clear.

Yet for all of that Leighton saw enough of the good work the Butcher has done to recommend him to the Prime Minister for a knighthood.

Then there was the time on his "this is your life show" when his dear daughter recounted how many times the Butcher had sacked her.

The most amazing moment was just after the Christchurch earthquake when a girl he knew had lost her leg and was in hospital. The Butcher wanted to cheer her up so he enquired about her phone number to call her and get her a trip to a Warriors game when she got out of hospital. She didn't have a phone, it was buried in the earthquake rubble.

The next thing she knows a courier arrives with a brand new smartphone the Butcher had organised.

I heard her father on the radio after it happened. The guy was quite emotional because his daughter had been quite depressed about her situation. When she got the phone, and of course the call from the Butcher it had really cheered her up.

There must be heaps of stories about the good work the Butcher has done. He is no saint, and has always been eccentric, but I am sure he meant no harm from his comments and is probably gutted about the reaction.

This situation is really sad, and just a clash of cultures.
A bit of a storm in a teacup broadcast over social media which disappointingly is picked up by Main stream Media.

It is all he said she said.

The Butcher is not the sharpest knife in the draw when it comes to articulating himself publically. He is a blue collar F Bomb dropping shrewd operator who cashed in on a Butchery chains winning profile of a shouting larakan who as one of NZ's 1st public Profiled White men to sell blue collar as a badge of Pride.

Ms Bridger is a Melenial from a prominent family who like many of her generation have a strong sense of entitlement to dramatise their lives and sense of self importance.

What pisses me off if true is pulling the Tangata Whenua Card.

Whatever the Butcher said, if it pissed u off have it out privately with him.

It is a sad affair.....and I urge others not to get sucked into making it a Maori Pakeha issue based on what one Maori, and one Pakeha might have or not have said.
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Just another example of how PC and social media have confused us. I hark back to the good old days when you could call a white a white, a black a black, a dog a dog and a duck a duck. There was no offense, no body cried or became a victim or needed compensating. I have watched many young men who are fine PC clones but wouldn't think to give up their seat on a bus for a woman or old man or help someone in need. Actions speak louder than words and not many have done as much as Peter Leitch.
Club in support of Sir Peter Leitch

Wed 4th January, 03:20PM


Vodafone Warriors managing director Jim Doyle has issued a statement from the club in support of Sir Peter Leitch:

"Sir Peter Leitch has been an ardent supporter of the Vodafone Warriors since our inception in 1995.

"I've known him for many years and in that time he's been a tremendous ambassador for our club, for rugby league and for the country in general.

"Sir Peter does a tremendous amount in our community, regularly doing things behind closed doors for people who have fallen on hard times.

"We have the greatest admiration for him."

@sirmadbutcher is an incredible human that has done more for others (of all races) than most could do in 10 lifetimes." - Jay Reeves

"He is not a racist - I've seen/experienced his sensitive side towards Island & Maori culture among others involved in the melting pot of ethnicity involved in rugby league on and off the field!" - Monty Betham

"All I will say is he's always been good to me and has supported a lot of south Auckland Polynesian and Maori athletes and league clubs since I was a young in" - Dave Letele 'Brown Butterbean'

"I can tell you right now this man is not a racist, he has always put people first no matter what ethnicity you are." - Ruben Wiki

"My mate Sir Peter Leitch is no racist. For 20 years He's helped me, fed me and those less fortunate than me on too many occasions." - Jerry Seuseu

Source :

As much as I am disappointed in what he said and can't condone it (as there are just some things in life that you can't joke about), I am still adult enough to know it's not what you say in life it's what you do that determines your true worth as person. That's why for me personally, I'm particularly proud to see my club getting behind him day out from when these headlines first hit especially when what you would expect them to do as a standard business practice is try to ignore it and deny that there's even an issue. Like me and everybody else on this thread, NZ Warriors must know with all that's he done in his life for the Pacific and Maori communities in his once local native South Auckland, if there's one thing The Mad Butcher ain't, he ain't a racist ... :)
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It came up on my Facebook Page.
I watched her.
I have a few female friends with that same type of personality.
I know that personality really well

I gave her the Big F#&k Off and got attacked. lol
So all the haters got to the big F#$k Off as well.


I hark back to the good old days when you could call a white a white, a black a black, a dog a dog and a duck a duck.
I still cringe at a comment I made in jest to a Polynesian team mate long ago. Like you say, those were the days when you could do that sort of thing. I meant no harm, just the opposite. He didn't complain, and said nothing but I knew I had hurt him, I could see it in his eyes. Later on at university when I studied racial issues I learned the implications of what I had done. It still pains me to this day.

Not knocking Sir Peter, not at all, but it just pays to leave racial matters out of jokes. Call it PC or whatever you like, that is just the way it is.


Sorry but Waiheke Island is Pare Hauraki Whenua and falls under the Mana Whenua of the Marutuahu confederated tribes, you might have been born there, you might be Tangata Whenua ki Aoteroa, but don't make a claim on my Tupuna Whenua.
I wonder whether Sir Peter should have mentioned that his daughter in law who was with them is Ngapuhi. From my brief knowledge of Maori history any trips by the Ngapuhi to Waiheke would have been uninvited.;)
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